The Curious incident of the dog in the morning!

Early in the morning today, at about4:30 am, I could hear noises- I woke up wondering if somebody had entered the house or if the noises were from outside.

Living downstairs is a whole new experience in itself- all the sounds of the neighboring houses, the trees and the birds, the dogs, the cats, the cabs that come to drop people late in the night, the people who come home late after a late dinner or a party – everything is known to us. It is pretty darn annoying at first – especially when you don’t know that the kids in the neighboring house have a habit of creating a ruckus only post 11pm and not one minute before that. For the first two days, I would respond in shock to the sudden shrills that could be heard from their house, I would wonder what the parents were doing to them to make them revolt so violently. When it continued to happen on the third day, I realized it was a pattern, and now it has become the new normal. Being a light sleeper does not help when there so many noises t…

Travel diaries- Hyderabad to Bengaluru!

They say if there’s an innocent amongst a hundred criminals, the law of the universe is to save the hundred rather than punish one innocent. Surely there was one such innocent on the bus I took back home.
The fates of hundreds intertwined, we travel as a single unit in a bus from Hyderabad to Bangalore. The fate of the bus is the fate of all of us, and my strong belief is that the fate of all of us is indeed the fate of the bus.
Context: I’m traveling from Hyderabad to Bengaluru by Orange travels.
2:45am: I wake up to see two women standing at the driver’s seat, and a man checking some diesel pipes in the bus.
Me: What’s up? The woman standing: We have a diesel leak in the bus- they’re figuring if it is fixable.
2:50am:  Technical guy who analysed the issue- It is just a pipe problem, fixable in ten minutes, but we don’t have the necessary material to fix it. Orange Bus customer care: Please fix it using an alternate material available. By then frantic passengers: We aren’t gonna board a bus w…


Well, not the revive that replaces your need for starch!

Reviving- this blog, the habit of blogging, and my self. That’s the whole idea.
It’s been aeons since I found the need to write here- life has taken many a twist and a turn since I last updated here, and the person who wrote on this blog before no longer is the person writing today. Well the identity with which she goes in the real world is still the same (my account isn’t hacked :P), but the person behind that identity- well the old me is no more.

Out of all the twists and turns on the road of life, some have been sweet, some bitter, and some bittersweet. From someone who was a total out and out extrovert to an introvert today, the journey has been surprising, to say the least.

This afternoon, while on my way to a friend’s place, this blog came calling in my thoughts- and as is my habit, I answered that call. I am now answering, rather. I wistfully thought of all the auto stories that I have missed writing here- all the good f…

Coma.. and the wife.

Short Story: (a meaningless one )
“An angel must’ve saved you!” joked his sister, as she bought light coffee for her brother who had just awoken from coma. “No… It wasn’t an angel, it was my wife.” “Wife? We were here all night Mithun, and your wife did not come here last night. She went home 6 months ago, and she said she won’t come back. Maybe it was her dreams that woke you up, but not the real girl”, said his mother. “NO.. I know the difference between a dream and reality. She was here, right here. I don’t know how she woke me from my coma, that you must ask her” said Mithun, completely convinced that she had come the night before. “Alka is in Pune, not in Kashmir; and even if she were in Kashmir, she wouldn’t come back. No. It was your fault that she left, and I doubt she would ever forgive you” Mithun sighed. How would he ever convince them that if she hadn’t called his name in her own sweet voice, he wouldn’t have woken up? How would he explain the touch of her hand on his forehead, …

Speech about silence!

This was a post written long, long ago; when I had just finished reading "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a world that cannot stop talking"
Susan Cain is her name.
Quiet is her book's name.
And whatte book it is.

Well, a name is an identity mapping, and it plays a prominent role in how you look at people (this happens at a subconscious level, so many of your reactions might have been plain surprise, and some of you who have consciously changed this subconscious pattern can laud yourselves- for you are the people regarded as open by nature (most of the times).
And the reason Quiet is the quite at the main focus of my mind is that homo sapiens inhabit this world, and as humans, each one of you has been labelled an extrovert or an introvert at some point in our lives,and each of you, dear readers, can imagine how you felt the first time someone said to your introverted college self, "Speak up, dear boy. You need to speak to get noticed", or someone commenting to the …

Insanity.. and my cousin.

NOTE: This is not an article written by me.This is a conversation I had with my cousin last night, and I don't guarantee you laughs or anything worthwhile, though both of us were in splits the whole time we were texting.

SR: What? Are you crazy or drunk? (Well, this was, as you guessed, NOT the first thing she said to me. This was well after we'd spoken a few things which I cannot disclose here, and to my consistently crazy (or as per her, drunk) responses, this was what she said.)
(OK, I got permission to add this : The above response was in response to this statement of mine: Now that you both are putting the same dps and all, when are you going to get him to meet the family? :D  And no no, we can't backtrack beyond this, sorry :D)
SN: Which one do you think? 
SR: Drunk definitely.
SN: No amount of getting drunk can fetch you this. It's called Insanity, m'Lady.
SR: I totally agree :D       Christmas was one crazy day, can't wait to tell you about it.
SN: Whe…