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Damon Demystified.

I got my hands on (the much talked about) Vampire Diaries yesterday. Was curious to know what the hype was all about- around the Damon Salvatore guy- I was in total judging mode when I sat down to check S01E01. So the guy who plays Matt Damon appeals to most people, and as the discerning reader has already guessed, I am not 'most people'. I'm not saying I can't care less about Damon on screen. His character is interesting enough, compelling me to see if he has a soul or if he is nothing but a hot looking cold blooded monster. (Cold blooded seems so fitting a description, pardon the pun!) Stefan -the younger brother- on the other hand, is a completely different story. I ain't objective about him, and I'm still trying to figure out if I am rooting for the good guy here. (Coz I think I must've hated Snape at one point of time or the other, but I didnt hate him when he killed Dumbledore. I dont conclude till the author / scriptwriter concludes a story.)

But I mu…