Saturday, August 21, 2010

The other side of the river.

7:12 a.m. I stand on a pavement opposite to my college, waiting for a comrade to turn up. Breezy morning. A woman weaves a basket behind where I stand. A man is cutting wood, right next to the woman. 3 guys enjoy a smoke and conversation. A boy cycles his way to school. A vintage car passes by. An old man carries a heavy bag and walks towards his destination. The birds suddenly demand attention. A family are on a trip-the car is ringing with music, the grandfather driving the car! The same vintage car passes by again-I'm not too sure. I turn around, the woman is now arranging the baskets, the man has done such a good job with the wood, I think he makes them thin enough to weave baskets, but I don't know if that can be done.I'm hoping I will get to see him make the wood into thin strips so I'll know for sure. And they're now listening to the local news on a transistor (I presume). A lady and her colleague walk past me. The lady talks about her son's studies. The same vintage car passes by again. The guy's practicing driving, I realize. A girl enters college-very early. I turn around once again and am surprised. The man has now stopped cutting-or I don't know what u call it-the wood, he is now sharpening the sickle-or the instrument he used to cut the wood. Reminds me of how necessary it is to sharpen one's axe before cutting a tree. There's some old song playing on the transistor now.This is their life, a life on the other side of the river. And then, I see Koushik approaching from the distance. Time to go, back to my side-the other side. :)
I wanted to blog this at 7:12 a.m itself, but poor me, no laptop, nothing, the post remained in my head, finding an outlet only now. For the 1st time, I wish I had a lappy.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Final year-the first over.

What has changed, and what remains unchanged..

First for the changes:
  • We have only senior lecturers-surprisingly, all the junior lecturers who handled a few of the 7th sem subjects previously have been replaced, and we are glad.
  • We have SEVEN hours theory in a day. 9-5, on two days of the week. Now, this is something I've never, like never done in my life before-attending 7 hrs theory. If you think 'final year' is supposed to be light, think again.
  • Lab groups- CCN lab commences next week. ADC lab started this week. We had a good laugh after the lab, thanks to preksha's bag and overflow of creativity from Poornima, Mallika, Shruthi Rao and yours truly. My lab group has 1 new member-the remaining 3 of us continue.. and Sannan, for the first time is not gonna be in my group in either of the labs this sem-lets see how it turns out to be.
  • The then freshers and the present 3rd sem guys occupy the adjacent classroom-and I'm trying to get used to having them around-it's like a foreign entity in your world(your subconscious)-if I may put it that way.
And now for the things which have stood the test of time:
  • We, the students-some whom I barely acknowledge, some who are acquainted, and then some others, whom I call friends-haven't changed- in a staggering way atleast.
  • The classroom- We have classes in room no. 525, which we have religiously been using since 3rd sem. The term used for it-The practice of ritual. Attending classes in the same class might actually be good for you. Go figure. (Ok, I'll help you figure-Ronaldo ties his shoe lace in exactly the same way before he goes out to the field every single time. Swami Vivekananda got up at the same time everyday. Buddha meditated at the same place everyday before attaining enlightenment.You get the point)
  • Our profs. Mr.N.C.A is back, and in full form!
The first week is over. The semester has truly begun.
Here's wishing all of you a great final year!

Friday, August 6, 2010

To the title.

Just another ordinary friday evening. A clear sky. A slight breeze, enough to keep you cool, not enough to give you chills.. A cleaned room. New books in the closet-some specially acquired ones. New course books too. A new wallet placed on the table. A photograph(also on the table) which brings a smile always. The frame which brings memories. Maggi noodles. A phone. A computer with unlimited broadband, and touch wood, continuous connection for quite sometime now. A brother in the adjacent room who comes to me when he needs help, and looks up to me. Who also quarrels. Who knows me like how I know myself. Quite the contrary of another ordinary friday evening, if you ask me.. such evenings are rare, moments when I get to enjoy the silence, be my own company, experience tranquility. Peace!