To the title.

Just another ordinary friday evening. A clear sky. A slight breeze, enough to keep you cool, not enough to give you chills.. A cleaned room. New books in the closet-some specially acquired ones. New course books too. A new wallet placed on the table. A photograph(also on the table) which brings a smile always. The frame which brings memories. Maggi noodles. A phone. A computer with unlimited broadband, and touch wood, continuous connection for quite sometime now. A brother in the adjacent room who comes to me when he needs help, and looks up to me. Who also quarrels. Who knows me like how I know myself. Quite the contrary of another ordinary friday evening, if you ask me.. such evenings are rare, moments when I get to enjoy the silence, be my own company, experience tranquility. Peace!


  1. Awww! True peace........
    Correction: line 2 - A cleaned room of your own! Makes a lot of difference if it's a PG room or something, trust me!!

  2. Ah yes, that is something I wouldn't know.. Sadly.

  3. a photograph on the table that makes you smile ??? :). i wonder whose it is? :):)

  4. That is for me to know, and you to find out Adi :P
    What's life without a little mystery? :)


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