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A Year Since.. Performance Evaluation

June 30th,2012.
It’s been a year since I joined Huawei, and I look back at the year-gone-by, and as is tradition, see how different I am today from 30/06/2011. Progress reports were misleading in the sense we only needed to track our academic performance, and the time has come when no one’s going to hand me over a report card measuring pure academic performance. The time has come when I need to make my own assessment, and see where I stand.
I see what I’ve done, what I’ve let pass, how I have spent my time, the challenges faced, the defeated battles, the wars won, the maturity attained, the (disastrous number of) books read, the people I’ve met, the tits and bits I’ve learnt and what I’ve become, overall.
And what I see, not so surprisingly, is a changed person.
The old me wouldn’t have thought of investments (I used to dislike financial management, and now have to terms with the fact that money will slip through your fingers, if you aren’t careful), wouldn’t have thought of contributions…