Sunday, December 29, 2013

Speech about silence!

This was a post written long, long ago; when I had just finished reading "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a world that cannot stop talking"

Susan Cain is her name.
Quiet is her book's name.
And whatte book it is.

Well, a name is an identity mapping, and it plays a prominent role in how you look at people (this happens at a subconscious level, so many of your reactions might have been plain surprise, and some of you who have consciously changed this subconscious pattern can laud yourselves- for you are the people regarded as open by nature (most of the times).

And the reason Quiet is the quite at the main focus of my mind is that homo sapiens inhabit this world, and as humans, each one of you has been labelled an extrovert or an introvert at some point in our lives,and each of you, dear readers, can imagine how you felt the first time someone said to your introverted college self, "Speak up, dear boy. You need to speak to get noticed", or someone commenting to the extroverted teen you were a decade ago, "Speaking up is a great habit, keep it up!"

Introversion and Extroversion are both good in their own ways, and one thing I read in the book, I agree strongly- there is NO rule that Introverts hate public speaking, they might just get tired of it soon-not scared. And there is really no saying that all extroverts are good thinkers, so all the extroverts out there, time for a reality check. You all undoubtedly respond with oozing confidence, but how often are you accurate, how often are your ideas well thought and worthy?

I leave you with this thought: all you introverts, think of the times you've been labelled less creative, just because you didn't speak up. And all you extroverts, vice versa- all your imbecile ideas, acknowledged only because they were spoken.
None the worse, none the better. Starting today, give a little more credit (and respect if you already don't) to all those amazing contributions by the introverts to the world, and a little more thought to all the things extroverts really say. And oh, I am both an introvert and an extrovert to different degrees, an ambivert, aye. (And in the book, for the first time- in my life- I find the usage of the word ambivert, and am totally delighted by it!)

Insanity.. and my cousin.

NOTE: This is not an article written by me.This is a conversation I had with my cousin last night, and I don't guarantee you laughs or anything worthwhile, though both of us were in splits the whole time we were texting.

SR: What? Are you crazy or drunk?
(Well, this was, as you guessed, NOT the first thing she said to me. This was well after we'd spoken a few things which I cannot disclose here, and to my consistently crazy (or as per her, drunk) responses, this was what she said.)

(OK, I got permission to add this : The above response was in response to this statement of mine: Now that you both are putting the same dps and all, when are you going to get him to meet the family? :D  And no no, we can't backtrack beyond this, sorry :D)

SN: Which one do you think? 

SR: Drunk definitely.

SN: No amount of getting drunk can fetch you this. It's called Insanity, m'Lady.

SR: I totally agree :D
      Christmas was one crazy day, can't wait to tell you about it.

SN: When, after like 100 years?

SR: I sometimes feel everything is going so fast. Just too fast.

SN: Like what?

SR: Friends, crazy things. This year.

SN: Aww. I understand.

SR: I feel I have to stop to breathe.

SN: And then you wonder if you'll miss all this when you do.

SR: Yeah you just spoke my mind out. How's life with you?

SN: Life's good. I'm happy like happy happy. Can't ask for more. :)

SR: I think you're on drugs, no? You sound very perky.

SN: Think all you want :D Credits to my insanity.

SR: You're on steroids! Caught ya! :D

SN: No I just did weeed :D Anything to make you believe. Lol

SR: Your system is flushed with high levels of serotonin and estrogen. :D :D
       Weed, lol.

SN: Without weed or alcohol, if my system is flushed with high levels of serotonin and estrogen, can't imagine        what will happen if I actually did weed :D

SR: I wonder what you would do if you got drunk now. Jump off the building? :D

SN: Naah. I ain't suicidal, or depressed. I'm haappppppy. :) You know? :)

SR: You don't have to be suicidal to jump, you can even do it for an adrenaline rush.
       Similar to bunjee jumping.

SN: *An expression of shock* Now my turn. Are you drunk or on drugs?

SR: Why? *Suspiciously questioning*
       I think I'm sane. Much more than you are :D

SN: For thinking bunjee jumping and jumping off a building might give you the same "rush" :D

SR: Ha ha. I didnt mean it :D

SN: I'm insane, and yet sane enough to know that bunjee jumping and jumping off a building have two very          different endings :D You, on the otherhand.. Seems to have lost it :D

SR: Shut up.

SN: Sane people have no qualms in calling themselves insane, whereas the truly insane would go any             distance to prove their sanity... Aaaand for the record, go back and check, you said you're sane :D :D
Hence proved!!

SR: You should write a blog about insanity.

SN: Why a blog?

SR: You're writing really well. I appreciate your thought process going so much into our conversation five minutes old!

SN: You inspire me to simply copy paste this chat.
        Why, I might simply do that :D

SR: Best do that :D Hilarious stuff.

SN: I was just about to say "with your permission, of course". I'll really put it up, and my blog is not private.
       Okay? :D

SR: I don't mind :D

SN: What "sane" person would mind, right?

SR: Rofl. You nailed that. :D

SN: And that's how it ends. Ta da.

SR: Yaayy yayy. :D

P.S: I don't write blog posts with the same language I use while texting. I hope the jargon is pardonable.

P.P.S: "Insanity.. and my cousin" when correctly decoded reads "Me.. and my cousin" (though it should be my cousin and I.. :D) 

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Shedding Skin

I was reading "Inheritance", Eragon's sequel 4 last week, and somewhere in between the story, the protagonist reaches a point where he needs to know his true name to open a vault (I did not say spoiler alert, because I think all of you would've read it way earlier than me, not to mention this is not a spoiler which people would want to kill me for.)

--Which reminds me of a very famous spoiler I was at the receiving end of--
In 2005, when Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince had just released, my friends and I stood in the queue from 6a.m to get hold of a copy, so that we'd read it before anyone else did, and so that nobody could spoil it for us. Sadly we had college to attend later, and no, Krupa and I didn't read novels in class-atleast in 11th std :D ( I think Krupa was preparing for NTSE that time, not entirely sure. :P) So I go to BASE in the evening, and Soumya enters. The very first thing she says: "Dumbledore dies!". I go like, "Whaaaaaaaaaaa!!" That was the worst spoiler ever. Worshtest.

I see that my digression has gone on longer the point I was trying to make. So coming back..
His true name. The protagonist needs his true name, and you will know your true name if you know who you truly are (So difficult, no?); so Eragon goes into thinking mode and thinks about who he truly is. And like most protagonists, he does what is required from him- he figures out his true name in a matter of a few days, and opens the vault.

Eragon's brother Murtagh's true name will be known to our beloved villian of the story Galbatorix, and anyone who knows your true name has complete control over you.

In the end, though Galbatorix knows Murtagh's true name, that will be the boy's old true name. Murtagh would've changed in course of time, and along with him changing, his true name; and that plays a major factor in the brothers' defeating Galbatorix. I've given away the whole novel, oops.

Case in point: The true names change as people change. Change is such a damned constant in life, whether you and I like it or not. We can scorn all we like, or embrace it like a dear friend.

I don't know if I scorn at change or embrace it, but that's not my point.
My point is my blog's title.
I'd titled this blog "Tranquility" years ago, with a picture in my mind.

Sitting on the sands of a beach, watching the waves crash and listening to the sound of the waves.. Being lost to the world, and only watching the vastness of the water expanding upto the horizon..
With some music and good food, and a good book to read..
And friends to laugh with, and live in oblivion to all else..
Coz the sea is second to Tranquility..
So quiet, so peaceful, so calm..

This was what my blog represented to me, a quiet retreat from the rest of the world where only traquility prevailed and the sea was my constant companion.. I longed for tranquility, for peace, for the calm of the sea; and hence the name..

And today I find the blog's purpose met, I find the sea's tranquility as my own,  and I find I have newer purposes- and hence I talk about shedding skin. Snakes shed their skin from time to time and grow new skins. I shed my blog's old skin and arise with whole new skin. Here's to the old name, I enjoyed writing to Tranquility. And here's to the new one, and to all the posts I'll put up under this name! As always, I welcome your comments.