Friday, November 27, 2009

Principles versus people..

Principles. All of you have your principles in life (or so I like to believe), and so do I. No, I'm not gonna talk about my principles, as it really doesn't matter. You don't need to know my principles, there's something far more important I want to convey.. So now, you have a set of principles you live by, and the set of people associated with you satisfy your principles in a very basic sense- for instance you don't become friends with someone who is say, the terror of the class, if you are say, the quiet(and peace loving) types.. But that doesn't stop you from getting acquainted with the guy. A classmate, acquaintance, but no friend. You get the point. You have some basic rules which people shouldn't break if you've to classify them under a certain category.

Here's the baffling question: What do you do when people who you already relate to, decide to change their principles? In other words, an unintended Trojan horse?( I know there's nothing like an 'unintended' Trojan horse, but thats my concept- it can happen, you don't intend it to, and yet it happens) What do you decide, change your principles? No, I can't do that. Re-evaluate the relation? Even if its a best friend or something? No. I can't do that either. I had time to ruminate upon this (rem I have study hols? I possibly can't study the whole day), and I think,its people over principles for me. Don't throw your principles away. No need to re-evaluate the relation either. Accept the change. No judging business. Life's cool that way!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A question finally answered..

In the recent years (more-so in the last one yr),there was this one question which continuously plagued my mind. Consistency in action in a particular field is absolutely essential for succeeding ,so what happens when you've had this shattering realisation that consistency is not one of the traits you've happened to cultivate or not simply been fortunate enough to be born with?

What if you're the type who gives peak performances once in a while n remain in 'hibernate' mode otherwise? Of course, I'm implying that those peak performances are not rare, just that they are not on a day-to-day basis..Should you consistently attempt to be consistent? So on, and so forth. A fortnight ago or so, I came across a blog-post, where the blogger blogs bout this ‘stud-fighter’ theory..

This is his theory, which finally answered a lot of questions..

The original post is worth a read, though I'm gonna paraphrase it here.

He talks about why batsmen need to show fighter qualities like consistency (no use performing in an over and screwing the rest- all overs have to be played well), whereas, a bowler needs to be a stud-associated with bouts of spectacular performance, and in this case, supreme consistency is not essential. Taking 3-4 wickets in one single over (great performance in that over) itself contributes to the match significantly.

This can be extended to education to a certain extent. If the teachers are the fighter type, they think all students have to put in a certain amount of threshold work, stick to their books, and only then can they get a hold on the subject. Naturally, students who are the stud type don't will have a mindset-fit difference with the teacher. Same is the case with stud teachers.

I was wondering if grouping the studs and fighters separately-the faculty and students-will accomplish better results for the instis.. I don't think it will serve any purpose. A combination of studs and fighters is fine. Things are good the way they are. Variety is, after all, the spice of life.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Being 'Happy' and being 'Useful'

A few months ago, I came across this statement: If you're happy, thats good. But thats not enough. You should be useful too.
It had quite an impact on me, coz I'm this person who is kinda super-optimistic in life, and hence almost always happy. So when I heard this particular statement, it got me thinking. I wondered if I was 'useful' to anybody and not just happy without any meaning.
A universal statement: Happiness is contagious. You smile, and you create a wave of it. The effect is extremely satisfying. On the other hand, usefulness is not contagious, is it? My happiness cheers at least two people in a day. Thats the minimum number. A min. of two ppl would mention my super-(crazy acc. to a few)-optimism, and they would try being optimistic too. I think, ppl who are happy tend to be more productive-call it 'useful' if you want. If you're happy, you tend to be more creative.
Is it correct to generalize that all useful ppl are happy? I don't think so. All happy ppl are useful? Yea, a larger no. than the former. Then again, I don't know if I'm being biased to this happy-ppl-are-more-useful category just coz I belong to that category. What's your say?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Study holidays..

One concept I don't appreciate. We don't need these 'study hols'. Not 15-20 days at least. Not when we are under VTU, and have to answer 5 questions out of 8. Not when we have plenty of time to learn the necessary stuff during the 2 or 3 months of coll. Not when there are 2 theory subjects out of the six in the curriculum. 5 days should be ideal. That way, those 5 days will be put to good use, which will be followed by exams, and we get 15 days of extra vacation, which is surely a welcome idea for most of us! We anyway don't study right through the hols, so it only becomes a restriction on the amount of fun we can have ( for instance, we can't go out of town during study hols), so we can neither have fun, nor study in peace, which leaves us with a sense of no satisfaction.
Btw, I'm not saying we should use study hols as vacation time, I'm only saying we can cut down the no. of study hols and thus increase the no. of hols we get!
What do you think? More study hols, and less hols as a consequence, or less study hols and a longer holiday period? Or is it upto us to balance the whole thing? Keep your comments coming in.

Update: After the sem exams, I think we needed the 15 days which was given. The pattern of the paper wasn't exactly as mentioned, so from now on, thats the 'pattern' I suppose. The 15 days in the next few sems must be utilized..

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The difference between "I can't " and "I won't "

I got this fundae from a book I read. The name of the book is "Surely,you're joking, Mr.Feynman!" A book 'bout Richard Feynman, one of the physicists I greatly admire.
There's a chapter in that book, where Richard Feynman as a student-who apparently had the same attitude as mine in this respect-volunteers to participate with a hypnotist to demonstrate hypnotism to the class. When the hypnotist asks him to close his eyes, and then further gives absurd instructions, he obeys them, and they decide to demo this on their annual day or some such occasion. Feynman thinks, I can disobey the hypnotist in one of these practice sessions and show him that hypnotism doesn't work, but I won't do that.. The difference between I can't and I won't, will be shown to him on stage on the D-day, and hence the practice continues.. people remain in awe of the hypnotist, and the D-day arrives. On stage, Feynman decides that if he disobeys the final instruction given by the hypnotist, it will have maximum effect on the audience. He can then tell them that all the while, he was doing everything told to him voluntarily, and there's no such thing as hypnotism. So, he plays along initially( thats what he thinks he's doing), and the final instruction is given. The situation is such that Feynman is near the last row of the audience, and the hypnotist asks him to walk back to the stage, and in stead of taking the short straight route, he asks him to take the longer route and enter the stage through the green room, from the backside. Feynman decides to spoil it for him at that moment, and he tries to take the shorter route, but invariably ends up taking the route mentioned by the hypnotist. The demo is a huge success, but it hits Feynman hard.
Thats when Feynman says, " I always accounted for the things I haven't accomplished by saying I can but I won't, but now I realise, there is nothing like " I won't"(or I didn't want it anyway). If you can, you will. Your talent is what you know about yourself, your accomplishment is what others know about you. That's that.

Friday, November 20, 2009

A walk to remember..

I enjoy taking long walks. No, I don't mind having company, but walking alone is a pleasure in itself. Today, I went out to get dinner from a nearby darshini, and as the place is close-by, I chose to walk. As I walked, I thought 'bout the hibernation mode post I've put up earlier in the day, and thought I should have written "I'm very much alive. And kicking" instead of "I'm very much alive and kicking" in that post.. This is one of the reasons I like walking alone.. It gives you a chance to think 'bout things you otherwise wouldn't have tght 'bout.. Things which ppl wud generally label as 'trivial'. Even trivial things make a difference. To me. And then, I remembered the longest walk I've had without company.. It was a few months ago, had watched a movie with family in PVR,( I don't rem which movie), and I convinced my parents that I'd over-eaten and hence I needed to walk. They consented. It takes 45-50 mins to walk home from PVR, and thinking back, I really enjoyed that particular walk, I clearly remember that I wasn't thinking 'bout anything while walking, but merely observing my surroundings with keen interest-lives of those around me, the roads, the companies and colleges in tht area,etc. In short, trivial things. But I vividly remember the amount of energy that walk had given me..And by walking, I don't mean ambling. That kind of a walk is different, this is more like to boost up energies-something like a power walk.The energy was obviously contagious, and it lasted for 2-3 days, I think.Now that I've tght of it, I'm gonna make it a habit to have 'long walks' more frequently.. Short walks somehow don't have the same effect, I don't know why. I didn't know then, that that particular walk would be so significant to me, and I would remember it in such detail, and eventually blog 'bout it.. Such is life.


Yes. That's precisely what happened. I went into hibernation mode. Decided to start blogging,signed up here, and you know know the rest. Or rather, you don't, as I've not been blogging at all.. A rather unexpected twist re-flamed my interest to blog, and I was all set to talk bout the latest fundae I'd come across, but then I realised, after months of hibernation,nobody starts talking bout fundaes and college and all that.. They first need to say hi, to make ppl realise they're very much alive and kickin'.. Which is precisely what this post is bout.. I'm very much alive, and kicking. My theories and theories of others I found interesting will ensue.. Any fundaes 'bout the benefits of hibernating in the form of comments are welcome.