Being 'Happy' and being 'Useful'

A few months ago, I came across this statement: If you're happy, thats good. But thats not enough. You should be useful too.
It had quite an impact on me, coz I'm this person who is kinda super-optimistic in life, and hence almost always happy. So when I heard this particular statement, it got me thinking. I wondered if I was 'useful' to anybody and not just happy without any meaning.
A universal statement: Happiness is contagious. You smile, and you create a wave of it. The effect is extremely satisfying. On the other hand, usefulness is not contagious, is it? My happiness cheers at least two people in a day. Thats the minimum number. A min. of two ppl would mention my super-(crazy acc. to a few)-optimism, and they would try being optimistic too. I think, ppl who are happy tend to be more productive-call it 'useful' if you want. If you're happy, you tend to be more creative.
Is it correct to generalize that all useful ppl are happy? I don't think so. All happy ppl are useful? Yea, a larger no. than the former. Then again, I don't know if I'm being biased to this happy-ppl-are-more-useful category just coz I belong to that category. What's your say?


  1. hey!!!!
    first of all i wanna congragulate u for doing this awesome stuff..truly inspirational..
    i think if one is happy he is surely doing something useful n hence becomes useful...
    but may be not all useful ppl r happy coz most of them r doing it for the sake of others n not for themselves n hence not enjoyin it so they r not happy..

  2. Yes Sandhya, happiness is truly contagious. I believe making a person smile is worth all the effort. Anyone can cry and be dejected in life, but it takes a strong heart to face the world with a smile and spread the joy from within :)
    That's the true spirit of life, right?

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  4. yes sandy i so agree wit it that happy peopl are always useful.. but the converse is not very true.. not according to me atleast!! its easy to hurt anyone but it takes a lot to make a person smile 'just once'.. you're happy and the people around you get inspired and try being like you.. so the mantra is 'be happy, be jovial and cheer up everyone around'...!!! see.. now you've been useful(thats sandy's version).. haha:) thats how it goes!!!


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