Study holidays..

One concept I don't appreciate. We don't need these 'study hols'. Not 15-20 days at least. Not when we are under VTU, and have to answer 5 questions out of 8. Not when we have plenty of time to learn the necessary stuff during the 2 or 3 months of coll. Not when there are 2 theory subjects out of the six in the curriculum. 5 days should be ideal. That way, those 5 days will be put to good use, which will be followed by exams, and we get 15 days of extra vacation, which is surely a welcome idea for most of us! We anyway don't study right through the hols, so it only becomes a restriction on the amount of fun we can have ( for instance, we can't go out of town during study hols), so we can neither have fun, nor study in peace, which leaves us with a sense of no satisfaction.
Btw, I'm not saying we should use study hols as vacation time, I'm only saying we can cut down the no. of study hols and thus increase the no. of hols we get!
What do you think? More study hols, and less hols as a consequence, or less study hols and a longer holiday period? Or is it upto us to balance the whole thing? Keep your comments coming in.

Update: After the sem exams, I think we needed the 15 days which was given. The pattern of the paper wasn't exactly as mentioned, so from now on, thats the 'pattern' I suppose. The 15 days in the next few sems must be utilized..


  1. Oh, totally agreed... That's why we ppl hardly have study holidays.... Just a week.. And you know how many hols we get at the end of even sem right?! (3 whole months!! So I know the value of it.... :-)

  2. sandy absolutely right!!!!!!!!!

  3. haha:) loved the update sandy:P lol:)


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