Principles versus people..

Principles. All of you have your principles in life (or so I like to believe), and so do I. No, I'm not gonna talk about my principles, as it really doesn't matter. You don't need to know my principles, there's something far more important I want to convey.. So now, you have a set of principles you live by, and the set of people associated with you satisfy your principles in a very basic sense- for instance you don't become friends with someone who is say, the terror of the class, if you are say, the quiet(and peace loving) types.. But that doesn't stop you from getting acquainted with the guy. A classmate, acquaintance, but no friend. You get the point. You have some basic rules which people shouldn't break if you've to classify them under a certain category.

Here's the baffling question: What do you do when people who you already relate to, decide to change their principles? In other words, an unintended Trojan horse?( I know there's nothing like an 'unintended' Trojan horse, but thats my concept- it can happen, you don't intend it to, and yet it happens) What do you decide, change your principles? No, I can't do that. Re-evaluate the relation? Even if its a best friend or something? No. I can't do that either. I had time to ruminate upon this (rem I have study hols? I possibly can't study the whole day), and I think,its people over principles for me. Don't throw your principles away. No need to re-evaluate the relation either. Accept the change. No judging business. Life's cool that way!


  1. Hmm... Personally I think it's necessary to strike a balance.
    See, sometimes important people may do things that you don't expect them to... But you've to see to what an effect that's made an impact. If it's too large to handle, then talk about it to the person and settle it out. It doesn't make sense to just cut all relationships with the person. And it's not judging when it comes to the closer ones. It's just giving your opinion. So I would tell them what I feel.

  2. Yea, balance is what I believe in too. Along with tolerance.

  3. It's not possible to live by a set of principles lifelong. Variety is the spice of life, innit? So when people around you change, you've gotta understand they did it for a reason. You've got to look at both sides of things and be open to necessary change. If not change, then of course, tolerance is a must to maintain the relationship....


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