A walk to remember..

I enjoy taking long walks. No, I don't mind having company, but walking alone is a pleasure in itself. Today, I went out to get dinner from a nearby darshini, and as the place is close-by, I chose to walk. As I walked, I thought 'bout the hibernation mode post I've put up earlier in the day, and thought I should have written "I'm very much alive. And kicking" instead of "I'm very much alive and kicking" in that post.. This is one of the reasons I like walking alone.. It gives you a chance to think 'bout things you otherwise wouldn't have tght 'bout.. Things which ppl wud generally label as 'trivial'. Even trivial things make a difference. To me. And then, I remembered the longest walk I've had without company.. It was a few months ago, had watched a movie with family in PVR,( I don't rem which movie), and I convinced my parents that I'd over-eaten and hence I needed to walk. They consented. It takes 45-50 mins to walk home from PVR, and thinking back, I really enjoyed that particular walk, I clearly remember that I wasn't thinking 'bout anything while walking, but merely observing my surroundings with keen interest-lives of those around me, the roads, the companies and colleges in tht area,etc. In short, trivial things. But I vividly remember the amount of energy that walk had given me..And by walking, I don't mean ambling. That kind of a walk is different, this is more like to boost up energies-something like a power walk.The energy was obviously contagious, and it lasted for 2-3 days, I think.Now that I've tght of it, I'm gonna make it a habit to have 'long walks' more frequently.. Short walks somehow don't have the same effect, I don't know why. I didn't know then, that that particular walk would be so significant to me, and I would remember it in such detail, and eventually blog 'bout it.. Such is life.


  1. i recall the movie should be 'jab we met'. although insignificant,but see the amount of energy its radiated!

  2. Interesting.... Would definitely deny the next time you say "Come with me till there no? Pls..." reminding you about this blog of yours :-)

  3. @nikitac07: nice to see u relate it to anothr thing!

    @Shruti Balasa: That is in an entirely different context!


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