Gyaan about life in DSP class..

Not many teachers can do that-explain( and sometimes mock at) life to you using the subject they're supposed to teach.

So, Prof.Chetan Anand, one prof who can extrapolate DSP(Digital Signal Processing) concepts to life in different contexts, naturally turns out to be one prof I like and respect!

A few excerpts:
1.When explaining window functions: Life is like an infinite impulse response, but if you've to make sense out of it, you have to convert it to a finite impulse response, and for that you use the window technique. There are diff. types of windows, and depending on ur requirements, (window functions are specified by transition width, stopband attenuation of the filter etc), u choose. So the bottom line is, life has infinite options. Its your imagination, your thinking, which acts as a window to ur world. If u want a beach view, choose to have a window which gives u just tht from ur house! If u want something else, then choose the position( and shape and width etc) acc. to ur choice! If u can think big, imagine more(this is my extrapolation to his extrapolation), your life will have a greater value, you get to explore more!!( I like adventures,n exploring things is always an adventure(innit?), so I can't help but exclaim!-this is for those of u who find exclamatory marks sickening).

2.Symmetry property of an even function: Do good, you get back good things.Life is Symmetric.

3.When explaining overlap-save method where present output depends on a certain no. of previous inputs apart from the present input: Life's like that too. Your present output doesn't depend only on your present input, your past inputs count. Karmic theory I suppose.
One theory which I feel can work out as a win-win case for all of us. If this karmic theory speaks about our past inputs, we can start doing high activity that these actions itself are sufficient, and once they're done, its a thing of the past, and the theory hence favors us. Bottom line:Don't be idle.

I've given only a few examples, just so that you get an idea as to how to extrapolate your subjects(if studying) or work to life. We'll live a better life this way I think. Any extrapolations about ur subs or work or anything else I can't think of, that u can come up with, is to be conveyed thru comments! Kick-start ur imagination!

The end result: Any new concept I learn will automatically be extended to life. Any new concept which doesn't provide a funny enough or worthy extrapolation to life is not worth remembering(or it could probably be my limitation that I couldn't come up wid a good enough analogy and hence I don't realise the value of the concept)
This keeps me engaged in class, its fun to come up with extensions. You should try it too, if you even remotely match frequency with me(I remembered, there are a few ppl who say 'we match 'wavelength''-I wonder if I can match 'freq' with such ppl- though technically u will match :P)

P.S: If you're not an engg. student, u probably might not understand this post. My apologies.
Update: I think u can understand this post even if you are not an engg. student. You atleast get the basic idea, I think. Let me know thru comments.


  1. Good one... If I were to study DSP, I would have said GREAT one... Cos recently I remember I was relating one of the computer science subjects to life (Now I can't recall which subject) Thought of blogging about it, but stopped myself later cos I thought ppl from other branches wouldn't understand... But the way you've put it, not bad, I could have tried... And ya, now it's confirmed we match frequency.. Dunno about wavelength cos though frequency is same, wavelength differs in different media (speed of wave changes). Now extrapolate this! It's a challenge... Then we'll know if we match wavelength :-) :-P

  2. Ok so even if two ppl match wavelength, if they're in diff. media, they end up thinking they don't match wavelength?( I didn't think of that wen I wrote this) ah, thats sad! So basically to kno if u match wavelength or not, you should be in the same environment and then compare. Also, on an other note, don't use wavelengths to compare, use freq. as freq.remains same irrespective of media!

    Also, you should definitely post tht blog u wanted to- about ur subject- coz engineering students of any branch will be able to comprehend ur post to an extent(depending on their window function(or tghts in other words)):P but ultimately it'll be worth it!

    Now for the final thing..
    We match freq we know, do we match wavelength?! :D

  3. Adding to it, this explains why we all move at different velocities in life( thru life also!).. freq being same doesn't mean velocities are same!

  4. Different media, as in different environment right! For example, a commerce student might be able to match frequency with us in the same way - relating his/her subjects to life!! But not wavelength, because he's in different environment/course!!
    Now those who don't understand what we're conversing might be because they don't match wavelength with us.. But if they're engineering students, they really don't match frequency with us, right?!

  5. oh i miss Chetan anand...u rarely come across such an amazingly calm thinker!

  6. yea, I don't think any other dept. have anyone like him!

  7. I like the relation of his teaching to the philosophy of life. Ignoring my current views on the professor, dsp is a subject within a subject, not only does it give us the knowledge in store, but also how we can relate it to different instances in our lives in a much more positive way. Chetan Anand Sir in the first two years of our engineering lives has been a remarkable person with a knack for making us understand "stuff" This should be dedicated to him...
    Maybe i should ask him to see this, don't you think?? lol

  8. Sure, you could ask him.. I doubt he'll care for such trivial things.. lol

  9. even engineering students can't understand what you've written don't worry. no wonder most of us will be spending some extra cash this feb( for reval and may god forbid-challenge reval)dsp was good but the way they twisted the paper...ppl could predict the twists and turns of 3 idiots and avatar but not our dsp paper...may god bless that illuminated gentleman who set that blessed paper to bless the lives of all the blessed students who attempted that blessed paper

  10. lol! We're keeping our fingers crossed, aren't we? Yea God bless us. And just coz 'u' can't understand what I've written, u can't generalize like that.. you are an exception to the rule, not my problem..


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