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Flashback- of a Not so Distant Past..

There is jubilance in the air (and so are we – we haven’t landed yet :P), and the crowd breaks into applause. I’m surprised that anybody would express their joy for a mere phenomenon of landing, and turn to look at Amit in astonishment. He looks at me like as if their reaction is normal, and I begin to see reason. After a few pictures on the runway, the three of us walk to the bus stop, where we buy tickets to the Termini. The bus ride is unpleasant to the extreme, and I believe that if I had spent a minute longer inside, I would have suffocated to death. Rangit and Amit however, find the bus journey pleasant.

I haven’t had lunch and hence hungry (also to the extreme- it’s around 7.30 p.m), when I spot an Indian restaurant and exclaim loudly, “There’s an Indian restaurant here! Let’s go!” *Amit and Rangit’s comments for this will be a spoiler, and hence not included.* We walk in, and Rangit speaks Bengali with the Bangladeshi in the restaurant. One might think we’re taking a stroll o…

Sailing a New Boat.. Germany!!!

Forget all the rules. Forget about being published. Write for yourself and celebrate writing

So, here I am… Forgetting all rules, and forgetting about getting published.

Though I always write for myself (and there has been no exception to this rule), I don’t know about the ‘Celebrate Writing’ part. That, only the readers can tell- whether the writing brings out not just a part of myself, but also the joy or celebration in the action itself (perverted minds, concentrate :D)

Straight to topic, I have just read a few more pages of this world.

As I’m sure you didn’t get what I meant, some great person has quoted so: “The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”.

Allow me to bask in a moment’s glory, before I revert to my normal down-to-earth self. :D

As I’m sure many of you know, the girl has always claimed to be a travel enthusiast, and though she has hardly seen a part of India, she always has claimed that given an opportunity, she’d pack her bags and be off, witho…

A Year Since.. Performance Evaluation

June 30th,2012.
It’s been a year since I joined Huawei, and I look back at the year-gone-by, and as is tradition, see how different I am today from 30/06/2011. Progress reports were misleading in the sense we only needed to track our academic performance, and the time has come when no one’s going to hand me over a report card measuring pure academic performance. The time has come when I need to make my own assessment, and see where I stand.
I see what I’ve done, what I’ve let pass, how I have spent my time, the challenges faced, the defeated battles, the wars won, the maturity attained, the (disastrous number of) books read, the people I’ve met, the tits and bits I’ve learnt and what I’ve become, overall.
And what I see, not so surprisingly, is a changed person.
The old me wouldn’t have thought of investments (I used to dislike financial management, and now have to terms with the fact that money will slip through your fingers, if you aren’t careful), wouldn’t have thought of contributions…

Damon Demystified.

I got my hands on (the much talked about) Vampire Diaries yesterday. Was curious to know what the hype was all about- around the Damon Salvatore guy- I was in total judging mode when I sat down to check S01E01. So the guy who plays Matt Damon appeals to most people, and as the discerning reader has already guessed, I am not 'most people'. I'm not saying I can't care less about Damon on screen. His character is interesting enough, compelling me to see if he has a soul or if he is nothing but a hot looking cold blooded monster. (Cold blooded seems so fitting a description, pardon the pun!) Stefan -the younger brother- on the other hand, is a completely different story. I ain't objective about him, and I'm still trying to figure out if I am rooting for the good guy here. (Coz I think I must've hated Snape at one point of time or the other, but I didnt hate him when he killed Dumbledore. I dont conclude till the author / scriptwriter concludes a story.)

But I mu…