Sailing a New Boat.. Germany!!!

Forget all the rules. Forget about being published. Write for yourself and celebrate writing

So, here I am… Forgetting all rules, and forgetting about getting published.

Though I always write for myself (and there has been no exception to this rule), I don’t know about the ‘Celebrate Writing’ part. That, only the readers can tell- whether the writing brings out not just a part of myself, but also the joy or celebration in the action itself (perverted minds, concentrate :D)

Straight to topic, I have just read a few more pages of this world.

As I’m sure you didn’t get what I meant, some great person has quoted so: “The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”.

Allow me to bask in a moment’s glory, before I revert to my normal down-to-earth self. :D

As I’m sure many of you know, the girl has always claimed to be a travel enthusiast, and though she has hardly seen a part of India, she always has claimed that given an opportunity, she’d pack her bags and be off, without a second thought. Let me introduce you to that girl, the very same owner of the blog, Sandhya Nagaraj, aka Me.

So, the girl who never traveled alone even from Bengaluru to Hyderabad, had to travel from Bengaluru to Dusseldorf, Germany, and not so surprisingly, the girl was scared right out of her wits about how to go about.

And so the days passed by. July 27th, 2012. The thought was, It’s ok, I have to travel on 31st July, there’s a looooott of time left. Somewhere in the corner of my brain, a tiny neuron lit up, saying, “31st July is 4 days away”. I successfully managed to bury that thought and went to sleep in peace.

29th July: I was officially freaking out, and I had no qualms in letting the world know about it. Traveling alone to Germany, transit at Dubai, are you kidding me?! What girl in her right mind would agree to travel alone, even when her manager had asked repeatedly if she had any issues traveling alone? Me, apparently. I know I’m 22, and I must be completely capable of traveling alone and all that, but that was the very first time, and I do believe I get some consideration for that.

31st July came in no time, and I was at the airport, with mixed feelings. I tried to be extreme rational instead of becoming emotional, because once I get emotional, I’m gone and I wreck everything that comes my way. So I check in with a cool head and board the flight, one cute steward offered me vodka with orange juice, which I politely denied. (I don’t know my alcohol threshold, and I have no intentions of testing it on my first lone travel in air- I’m sure you empathize!) The steward looked at me in surprise, (I guess no one rejects a drink from him) I smiled stupidly; he nodded in understanding and walked away.

I had my meal – Rajma, Roti and Rice- I was totally surprised that they serve authentic Indian food (I expected Bread and Cheese when I opted for the vegetarian meal). I’d hardly finished my orange juice (just the orange juice, yeah), and we landed in Dubai. I was thrilled! Whoever said that traveling alone was difficult?

There was a waiting time of about an hour and a half (approx) which was welcome, and then a 7-9 hr flight to Dusseldorf.

And I was a little worried, because I don’t particularly enjoy the feeling of being in air. I don’t get sick, but that doesn’t mean I like it.

I was hoping I’d be able to distract myself… I found myself seated beside a German family (the father and mother were beside me, their son and daughter right behind). He told me that they were returning from a trip to Thailand, which they really enjoyed. I smiled and spoke a bit, all the while trying to find something to keep me distracted… and Voila!

I was browsing through the movie and soap collection the flight had, and found Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, and over a dozen comedy soaps, and that was exactly the kind of distraction I was looking for!

Time flew by, the flight was not as smooth as the one from Bengaluru to Dubai- but we were soon at Dusseldorf airport, and none the happier than me.

Now, you see, I had 30kg of luggage, and a cabin bag apart from the company laptop, and I thought it’d be pretty easy to just pull the two bags, while carrying the cabin and laptop bags. What was I thinking, really?

I struggled to reach the taxi port (which was just a few yards away), and was none the gladder when I got into the cab.

The accommodation blew me away. No, I don’t live in a 5-star with spa and gym facilities- like how Sunny does- but a 3-star with kitchen facilities and an hour’s worth free Wifi :P and a girl like me is happy with this much. Easy to please, eh? :D

The places I’ve seen, the food I’ve tasted, the people I’ve met and the things I’ve done.. All in the next post, and I promise, the quality will be better than this one.

I welcome your comments, be it on my writing, or the topic itself!


P.S: It's when you care about something that the best in you comes out, because otherwise, there's no reason to bring out your best. I know this is not my best piece of writing, but something I checked this morning, gave me that drive to write. And that something I checked, is called IUquotes. The fact that the site is designed by a Friend was all the more the reason, considering I'm miles away. Even small things like reading a quote from a site designed by a friend makes me become emotional, well er, I'm human, too.


  1. Neat! I will wait for the next one! BTW are you still there?

  2. Super like for the thought flow and the way the reflections have been poured out!!

    "Allow me to bask in a moment’s glory, before I revert to my normal down-to-earth self. :D" (Well perverted minds do concentrate while reading :P ;)

    Next one awaited!

  3. @Kruthi: Thanks! Yeah, still here. Back in October.
    @Shikha: Thanks! Heh..


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