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C'est la vie.

So there was drought. On my blog, of course. 8th semester was a beginning of the ending, and we welcomed it with open arms. I did, at least. And here I am, not feeling all that emotional about leaving college. So whats the big deal, you ask? Well then, you obviously don't know me.
I'm the girl who loved high school so much that when it came to an end, I was miserable. The same girl who absolutely hated that I wouldn't have DVN sir teaching me any longer, though I only attended his tuitions in 10th. The very same girl who, after 2 years at BASE, found it very difficult to face the cold reality that all those dear friends with whom I'd had an awesome time wouldn't study in the same college as me. And I didn't stop to think for a minute that I'd be any different at the end of 4 years.
Obviously, there has to be irony. There is no story if there is no irony. Ironic, that!
So as the discerning reader has already guessed, I'm not feeling wrecked that engineeri…