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The General State of Things

7th sem has been a mixture-in different proportions- of hectic work with everyone breathing fire down my neck at the last minute and lazy afternoons when I have all the time in the world for myself.. The lazy afternoons,when all actions of mine are lackadaisical attempts to regain some momentum in reading or writing or some such thing, is what I'd prefer to the former.. But the hectic weeks are what makes me better, I guess. Having survived one of those crazy hectic weeks last week, and done pretty decently at that, I'm looking forward to the next few weeks, which is packed with tests and tests and yes, more of those damn tests, but I think I won't be lacking in time for anything.. because tests are more tolerable than assignments and the records..
Oh, did I just mention records? Records are the reason time became a constraint- a commodity an engineering student usually has in ample abundance-they certainly deserve more than a passing mention here. Hence the elucidation.

Acads, and did I mention, internals..

2nd internals are on. I have RTS and OFC tomo, and the syllabus for this test is vast. Not to mention, it's a do or die situation for me, coz I've already taken the first test lightly, and life gives you only one second chance to un-screw any screwed up thing.The discerning reader might wonder why I choose to update my blog today of all days. When there is so much of cramming to be done, what am I doing here? Especially when I know that I'm gonna die tomo if I don't do it? Surely, nothing so consequential has occurred that it has to be updated right now? Well no, but Go figure. We had Image processing today.. and hardly 20 students gave the internals- the rest of them are busy cramming for tomo. The paper was way below standards, Murphy's law hitting the others in the face. Tomorrow's subjects are not freaking tough or anything, it's just the general negligence by all of us which fetched us terrible marks-except the 6-7 'Good students'(all of you re…