Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Inspiration Unlimited

It's been long friends I wanted to share with you all, about our Venture and platform Inspiration Unlimited. Just covering this write up about the same.

Inspiration Unlimited is a vision, founded as an answer to the present scenario in the world. The need for training is higher than ever in every manner. Values have to be restored. This time the felicitous process is hammering. The values need to be hammered into masses & potentials incarcerated inside need to be brought out. The masses stand in need of training in some or the other form, right from school level to the level of CEOs.

As is rightly said, Any & every form of success has its root in training and then success stems from execution. IU believes in passing the right training in every arena of life, from personal development, to mental abilities, to staff training, to self motivation, to leadership, to sales training, to art of relationships, to training for teachers, to better parenting & lots more.

IU is backed up by the founder's profound experience of dealing with people from different occupation, places, age groups & different intellect levels. People eulogize his training & the kind of change it brings about in the participants. He has a spark in his speech that can bring a dead man alive. He has a practical approach & is not a speaker or trainer who has emerged from mere reading of a few books, as you find many such individuals in the market today.

Our vision is to empower masses to follow their heart & experience life of full potential. We envision to help everyone live, not just exist. We also believe in seeing a better world with human race in greater levels of harmony by converting peer pressure into peer pleasure.

We have forayed into hand-made greetings under the banner of Aaslesha. All details are available on the following web links.

To avoid confusions and so that you are able to reach us right here are some links on web:

Our magazine links:

Our Social Initiatives (each one would be covered in other blogs):

To join us as a speaker or marketing executives from your city, district, state or country. Mail us at and we shall take things further!

Thank you. Hope it helps all those who wanted to know more about about IU.

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Niagara Falls, The Smurfs, The Portal...

The picture of Niagara falls in the head.. speaks a thousand words. Since drawing a picture is out of question, ( the strained efforts I will put in drawing will be equivalent to a helpless girl grappling against the mighty storm) I choose to deliver a thousand words instead.

I have always wanted to visit the Niagara (thanks to a Social Science teacher who'd traveled the world)- to take a ride in the Maid of the Mist- and the strength of the desire intensified when I watched The Smurfs the other day.

My wishlist is becoming a bucket list these days, really. Just the idea of ticking off each one is sufficient to get the adrenaline rushing.. ah, I digress.

So coming back, The Smurfs, those cute blue mythical creatures- who I wish really existed- who travel from their world to ours through a portal on a blue moon day, bring luck to the family which shelters them. The ending is cute- really no other word for it- and the Smurfs are so endearing. I don't like pets, but I still like the Smurfs. They don't exist, right? That's probably why.

The realistic engineer and the crazy fastasy lover in me are at war with each other, one laughing away at the idea of mythical creatures, and another being drawn to the endearing lot, their ways, their world..

I want the blue moon to come one day, I want the Smurfs to be real, I want the portal between worlds to exist- be it at a waterfall, or a blackhole- I want all of this! And I want the engineer in me to find a way to make all this happen, so that the engineer and the fantasical girl both are happy, because they're an integral part of me, they make me me..