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Mountains look beautiful only when looked from a distance. But it would be foolish to say that you'd rather not admire the mountain's view, just coz you know that only when you get closer do you actually see the reality. In my opinion, as long as you know that you should keep that much distance in order to see the beauty of it, you're doing perfectly fine!

P.S: I very humbly request the readers NOT to extrapolate this post to your whims and fancies. Please refrain. Thank you.

The one-odd month of 6th sem..

6th sem started somewhere in feb, and we're done with an internal..courtesy our time-table, not to mention the awesomeness of the person who came up with it, I feel like I've spent all my time in college since coll reopened. Life has been frustrating and fun alternately. The good part is it hasn't been boring. Books read of late: 1.Kiterunner(Khaled Hosseini)-can't find another piece of fiction so brilliantly written. Godfather comes second to this, though the two books aren't related in any way. I know you don't compare things which have nothing in common, but anyways..(actually, acc to me, you can find similarities even in things extremely dissimilar, if you have a keen eye. Go figure) 2.Straight from the gut(Jack Welch)- I can't rate this, as I skipped thru half the pages in the book. The parts I read, I liked. Rather, I should say, the parts I liked, I read. 3.Like the flowing river(Paulo Coelho)-a collection of stories that you have in all probability rea…