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The Many Firsts in the Last Month!

First month of the First Job..One month into the job... and I'm taking every day by the minute, and what follows is a description of everything I've wanted to put here right from June 30th. an attempt to merge three posts into one..
First things first, Huawei hasn't lived up to expectations. Really.
I was expecting a chilled first week, followed by getting into the groove of working a lot and going home real late and not having enough time for fun. What else could I have expected, with everyone around giving such rave reviews about the work culture?
Who is to be blamed, that I didn't get what I expected? I for one, ain't complaining. Coz I got instead, one week of Induction-which I will admit was quite boring-though essential. Also got about 2 weeks of a mini-project, through which they ensured we learned the process.(Seniors didn't have this I heard) I give a wholehearted approval to the technique they used.. practical as against the much used theoretical sessio…