Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Many Firsts in the Last Month!

First month of the First Job..One month into the job... and I'm taking every day by the minute, and what follows is a description of everything I've wanted to put here right from June 30th.
an attempt to merge three posts into one..

First things first, Huawei hasn't lived up to expectations. Really.

I was expecting a chilled first week, followed by getting into the groove of working a lot and going home real late and not having enough time for fun. What else could I have expected, with everyone around giving such rave reviews about the work culture?

Who is to be blamed, that I didn't get what I expected? I for one, ain't complaining. Coz I got instead, one week of Induction-which I will admit was quite boring-though essential. Also got about 2 weeks of a mini-project, through which they ensured we learned the process.(Seniors didn't have this I heard) I give a wholehearted approval to the technique they used.. practical as against the much used theoretical sessions.. We did learn quite a bit, and it didn't seem like too much effort was going into learning, coz we were having fun all the while.. a few instances:

The mini-project: The process was fun, and I unfortunately can't quote many things.. IS policy. Below however, are some things that I can share. First, the evaluators (for want of a better word).Some were ever smiling, and some, ever sarcastic- but we liked them all :) At the end of the day, they helped us through, and taught us things, and we're always going to remember them as the first few seniors we met at Huawei, and respect them for what they are. Now the project..All ten of us had books to our own names, some of which were in great demand :P Some meetings didn't happen, some extra long breaks were taken, some reports weren't filled, some rules were broken, and some laughter shared.. We were a good team, and sometimes evaluations went haywire coz of er.. the coordination between the developers and the testers. (Teammates, hear me? :)) We did what was to be done, in our own way, while we still could :P (Obviously, later on, our 'own' ways will not necessarily be allowed :)). That's that. Project team, cheers!

The lunch hours: Amrita and Chaitra take the cake for all the misinterpretations, Niki being at the receiving end of some Chai special commentry (N, I'm not saying more coz of the IS policy :P), some inane conversations-at Srinidhi Sagar and also Room 7- with Niki.
N: Have you had juice here?
S: No.
N: How is it?
S: Really?!!
And this is just one of them..
N always claims that she's lost when such things happen.. Lost. :)

Flashback: Induction. First day- awed by Leela. A few introductions, and a whole lot of paperwork. Followed by my allegiance with Citi. The next few days that followed mainly had presentations, and the evenings were solely spent exploring various traveling options, and at the end of one month, be it about the city layout structure or the road designs or new vehicle designs for that matter, we have discussed it all.

One Merc Benz employee in the bus the other day, told us that we can't be that happy in life once we start working, and we will be tethered to chains of grumpiness and sorrow( ok he didn't say the later part, but u get the point). I was surprised. I still don't know if ppl have this misconception that once you start working, you almost stop living; or if that is actually true. I'll anyway tell you when I figure it out. Ah, I digress..

Anyways, back to what I was supposed to say.. yesterday our PCs were configured, and Shikha, Suma, Rama and I couldn't have been happier. I also did meet my team finally( whatever was left of my team anyway!- most seniors of my team aren't here, hence the statement).

And then there were Pizza hut outings, both on fridays-one a fortnight ago, and one ystr. was fun both times, and I remember yesterday more clearly than the 15days-ago-visit, when road-crossing had us in splits of laughter, and the kid there got an awesome We-will-rock-you themed birthday song from the Pizza Hut employees! What was common in both the visits were good food and company. At the end of the day we concluded, Citi, ICICI and Stan Chatered were all fine banks- they do their job just fine, coz along with the pay cheque came the thought, there are some things money can buy :)

Another month of training seems to be underway, but their training is quite different, and I look forward to it.A day might come when the first line of the blog reads "My job finally meets expectations-I'm almost living at my workplace". But whether this happens in a day, or a week, or a month, or a year or two, only time will tell.

P.S: My take at the timings of the job and all is just my sense of humor. It's like a pinch of salt, and for those of you who need it, I recommend water. Whether a sip, or a whole bottle, or a bucket full, depends on you!