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This thing called Engineering..

On one side, there are students who love Math but dislike Biology right from high school-they just can’t get those Respiratory and Digestive systems right in the record, and they’ve decided already that their career will have nothing to do with Biology-well yes, like me. Not one teeny weeny bit. Then there are the others, who want to know how a Harley Davidson works, or how to construct a Burj Al Arab or an Empire State building-why some might even be inspired by Howard Roark-Fountainhead, yeah! And a few others who want to fly planes, or bring out the next best phone into the market, or some such thing!So what happens to all these kids?Engineering happens. What else!Fast forward to post counseling.Sep 2007: Students are present at the quadrangle, BIT, and I think it was a Mr. Abhishek Subramanyam who was chief guest that day. An IIT grad, who spoke about his engineering life mainly, which was enough to inspire us all- bigtime!Telecom students headed to 314-I think, and HOD came up to…