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Rule for the day.

There is no upside in screwing up things you can't explain.-Captain Roy Montgomery.

Phrasing a new coin..

The Indian Rupee gets a symbol-woot!-thus distinguishing it from other countries which have the rupee as their currency. But, they say, the symbol will not be seen in print on our currency notes-not just yet. That will take a while, and I can't wait for it. Getting the symbol means international brand recognition, the INR joining the elite club of currencies like the Japanese Yen, Euro, the British pound or the US dollar. And, how can I forget, it was apparently designed by an IITian. Congratulations, Pranab Mukherjee and the ministry. One way to go about the international popularization of the symbol is printing and circulating, and another is branding the symbol on keyboards. So once the symbol is passed by the required authorities, we're gonna have the symbol on Indian keyboards-cool eh? For some unfathomable reason, I'm all excited about the INR getting a symbol! It somehow comes off as very 'Indian', because of the adaptation from the Devanagiri script. A prett…