Monday, April 26, 2010

Just an adage, or more?

Familiarity breeds contempt. This is probably the zillionth time you've come across this adage. With a few exceptions, I must agree that it is true in my case. I don't really wanna explain why it is so, but I'm curious to know from you guys. Is it the same with all of you? Or do you find familiarity a welcome thing(be it people or places)? But familiarity with places can't breed contempt, can it? A penny for (all of)your thoughts, please.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another good day..

We were supposed to have a class trip on sat, coz we had sports day in coll, which meant no classes, and since we know that we can't bunk and go on a class trip, this seemed to be an ideal opportunity. As you must have already realized by my choice of wording, the trip didn't happen. I blame it on our inaneness.
A week before this or so, I'd already registered for the 8051 programming event in the MSRIT fest which was also scheduled on sat, coz I knew Koushik owed me this one.( I agreed to partner him for the 8051 event in Manthan in spite of me being informed on short notice-actually the night before the event)
Friday, 10.15p.m: A msg from the class rep-Very sorry to inform you that the trip has been postponed to next saturday..
We then decided to go to MSR, and see if fate would be a kind mistress.
Sat: We reach MSR, and the campus is huge. Well, if you happen to study in BIT, any other college campus will look huge I suppose. For about the entire stretch, Koushik was all praise for their campus-be it the ample parking space provided, or the greenery, or something else or the other... and wait, we'd reached the other end of the college, and we hadn't found the tech building yet!
All I remember seeing was a lot of oncology depts. and hospitals, and a few medical students-for some reason, I didn't find them as interesting as the students in kims! Oh yes, during the first yr and sophomore in coll, when our canteen was a place I just would not visit, kims juice centre was the only alternate option, and seeing those med students there always flickered an interest in us-about how their lives were gonna be, or how nice they looked with their coats, or some such silly things..(reminds me of kini coming back from the blood donation thinking DM was a med student!). *End of digression*
So, back to the point-we later on found out that the tech building was right at the opposite end-the point where we'd started from. Drat. 15 mins later, we were inside, watching the line follower-the arena they had looked more complicated than the one in my coll for line follower.. 8051 first round was not-so-great, and I think we just scraped thru to the final round.. The final round was fun, we actually spent the entire 1.5hrs designing and all that.. sadly the e-treasure hunt- this is one game which has successfully evaded me in the past yr in ALL the fests I attend-was over.. sigh.. when am I gonna play that?
We just finished the final round, and at the same time the rain gods decided it was a fine time to nourish the lush greens of MSR.. Shruti and Koushik were worried sick,and I somehow,was not. Enjoyed watching the rain, and that was when I found the campus to be beautiful. *beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder*
15 mins later we heard we'd won the first place, so being held up in the rain didn't seem so bad then..but that didn't alter the fact that the 3 of us were famished and all canteens in the campus were closed. Thanks to the rain, chaat was an open we went to Sai ram chaats-after a small fiasco-you should try this place in malleshwaram, the chaats are different and yum! and left the place quite satisfied,and the evening that followed was one of the best in the past few months, coz Shruti was there, and she's this girl who gets what I say 'always'. Always enjoy her company, thanks to the zillion new things we come up with when we're discussing something! for eg: that parkinson's law( for the others-we have so many laws of our own, and we recently discovered tht one of our laws was actually better known to the world as Parkinson's law-we weren't very amused btw) Its more like I start a sentence, and look at her, and I know she's got it. I don't have to complete my sentence. And vice-versa. (And considering I'm a little complicated, I''m more than happy to stop my sentences midway than complete it, and then explain what I meant, which is what I usually do with most others.) We discussed, ranted, cribbed( there is a difference between ranting and cribbing btw), planned, and finally parted ways at majestic with a sense of real happiness and contentment.
Which takes me to another topic- Familiarity breeds contempt. Does it? I'll let you know what I think in my very next post. For now, its a big 'had fun with u on sat' wave to koushik and shru; and adieu to you amigos!

Friday, April 23, 2010


If you preach something, you should practice it. Else, don't preach.
This is in reference to that fact mentioned in class today. "Probability of an event occurring when there are two events in the sample space is 0.5 in a random process". The minute the words came out, I was furious. You bloody don't preach what you don't practice. The person in question went on to say that it is a random process, so the event has to occur infinite times before we compare the probabilities. So, he believes in it. He believes in the fairness of life, and the statement. And yet, my classmates don't feel that there's fairness in the way classes are conducted.
I know its none of my business to dictate how people should live, but there are certain basic things you can't violate-the most basic one being your words and actions shouldn't be a contradiction. And yes, I'm gonna put extreme efforts to use my energy in constructive ways than sit and judge him in his class.
P.S: Identity of the person in question is kept anonymous, only coz I don't want people to start disrespecting anyone coz of me. Those are my concerns alone.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Morning folks! Haven't been in the habit of posting before leaving to college, but hell, there is a first time for everything in life. That includes the feeling to post something before leaving..Ok, my life isn't exactly happening at the moment. hell, I feel it has been reduced to the mundane routine of attending classes, read in free time-anything other than acads, and sleep for eons.. But, there is something I feel happy about. I'm reading like as if its summer hols and there's nothing else that requires my attention-which is far,far away from the truth-but the joy that I get by just reading is inexplicable..for one, it spares you the nonsensical chatter you tend to have with friends, allows you to contemplate-which I believe I'd prefer than to spend time with company these days.. Infact, I think a few months of solitude will do more good than harm to me.. I was first inspired by the idea of being solitary when I saw the book "one hundred yrs of solitude".. I wondered how boring that should be, a hundred yrs of solitude.. which reminds me, I still haven't gotten down to reading the book in spite of repeat recommendations frm friends.. Actually, haven't been able to acquire it.. Lets see what I'll do about that..
Mood of the day:contemplative,solitary.
Reason to post: no reason as such. oh yes, I obv wanted to tell u guys how good it is to be solitary. I'm sure u didn't miss that point. Also there's this bottleneck theory which is a nice thoery, but that probably deserves a separate post.
Anyways, I have to rush. And I hope I won't feel devastated when I read this post later sometime, coz I know I'm not fully awake right now.. That precisely is the reason you're getting to see this post, else it would've been piled up as an another draft,which would've never seen the light of the world, like many others..