If you preach something, you should practice it. Else, don't preach.
This is in reference to that fact mentioned in class today. "Probability of an event occurring when there are two events in the sample space is 0.5 in a random process". The minute the words came out, I was furious. You bloody don't preach what you don't practice. The person in question went on to say that it is a random process, so the event has to occur infinite times before we compare the probabilities. So, he believes in it. He believes in the fairness of life, and the statement. And yet, my classmates don't feel that there's fairness in the way classes are conducted.
I know its none of my business to dictate how people should live, but there are certain basic things you can't violate-the most basic one being your words and actions shouldn't be a contradiction. And yes, I'm gonna put extreme efforts to use my energy in constructive ways than sit and judge him in his class.
P.S: Identity of the person in question is kept anonymous, only coz I don't want people to start disrespecting anyone coz of me. Those are my concerns alone.


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