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Your Big Year!

When somebody I know and respect has reached the 111th position in the "Your Big Year"(YBY) contest from India, him being the only Indian to reach that position, I can't help but post about it.
The aforementioned senior, is the 24 yr old One Young World Ambassador from India, Mr. Sujit Lalwani, also the founder of 36, IU Y2C campaign etc. The reason I'm posting this is because I'm taken by the concept of Your Big Year, which is a 'Smaller Earth' initiative. Chris Arnold is the man behind this, and what he has to say about entrepreneurship and global citizenship is indeed commendable.
Since young I have believed that being a citizen of a country is ok, but every human being must be a citizen of the world. Global citizenship must be promoted, and this is precisely where Chris Arnold strikes a chord with me.
The top 12 finalists are to compete against each other in the month of March/ April in Liverpool, and the tasks that await them will put their gr…

Too much ado.. though it isn't about Nothing.

Hello Folks!
Time and again I vanish from the blogosphere, only to be pulled back by the delicate strings that tie me to this place. It's been ages since I've written that post on Huawei (3 months, to be precise), and a lot many friends have asked when the next post was coming. I don't know why I didn't post so long, but this is like the last piece of Chocolate that remains after sharing the choc with friends- you will definitely want to eat it. I opened my blog for some reason, couldn't go away without putting this up.
And while I've been away, significant things have happened.
Huawei has again been a mixture of fun and boredom- funny how almost everything in my life is like this- and while we've learnt some essential things, we've had more than our share of free time. And this is not one of the significant things that happened. Randy Pausch talks about why it's important to concentrate on the elephant in the room.. it seems like I have a soft spot fo…