Your Big Year!

When somebody I know and respect has reached the 111th position in the "Your Big Year"(YBY) contest from India, him being the only Indian to reach that position, I can't help but post about it.

The aforementioned senior, is the 24 yr old One Young World Ambassador from India, Mr. Sujit Lalwani, also the founder of 36, IU Y2C campaign etc. The reason I'm posting this is because I'm taken by the concept of Your Big Year, which is a 'Smaller Earth' initiative. Chris Arnold is the man behind this, and what he has to say about entrepreneurship and global citizenship is indeed commendable.

Since young I have believed that being a citizen of a country is ok, but every human being must be a citizen of the world. Global citizenship must be promoted, and this is precisely where Chris Arnold strikes a chord with me.

The top 12 finalists are to compete against each other in the month of March/ April in Liverpool, and the tasks that await them will put their grey matter to test, to say the least. The winner indeed will have his Big Year, what with getting to travel across 5 continents, working on projects across the globe, meeting prominent people in the fields of business, politics et al.

This is the brief-up on YBY, my words probably wouldn't have done as much justice.

Winning this is no mean feat, but nothing a fellow Indian can't achieve, I believe.
Here's wishing luck and success to this fellow Indian, who's been a great guide so far. We have our fingers crossed, and we know you have Felix Felicis :)


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