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Hello Folks!

Time and again I vanish from the blogosphere, only to be pulled back by the delicate strings that tie me to this place. It's been ages since I've written that post on Huawei (3 months, to be precise), and a lot many friends have asked when the next post was coming. I don't know why I didn't post so long, but this is like the last piece of Chocolate that remains after sharing the choc with friends- you will definitely want to eat it. I opened my blog for some reason, couldn't go away without putting this up.

And while I've been away, significant things have happened.

Huawei has again been a mixture of fun and boredom- funny how almost everything in my life is like this- and while we've learnt some essential things, we've had more than our share of free time. And this is not one of the significant things that happened. Randy Pausch talks about why it's important to concentrate on the elephant in the room.. it seems like I have a soft spot for the rabbit. :P

Well, now before the elephant is angered.. :P

One, devastating news: We have no Jobs anymore. Steve Jobs, right.
Two, fantastic news: I got to be Supporting Editor-in-Chief of an e-newsletter, called IUNL.(Inspiration Unlimited Newsletter).
Three, the best so far: The launch of the aforementioned newsletter is happening on 20.11.2011. (This features as awesome to me, even after I've posted this on FB at 11pm some day-after most ppl have logged off-and repeat exclamations to friends who're around me!).
Four: This is like, THE elephant. I'm not too comfortable with elephants.. err.. I still have some editing left. (And I'm an engineer. Last minute work? Give it to us).
Five:I'd almost forgotten, 3 articles of mine got published on Bitannica, it did make me happy.

So whats the icing on the cake? My decision making skills. 7.25 am on the morning of the CAT, I decide to give the exam. Reason? 1500 INR is too much to waste. Eight hours ago when I was pondering if I should give the exam or not-given that I'd go with zero preparation this time-I couldn't make a decision, one way or the other. I didn't even toss a coin- then again I never make decisions by flipping a coin-I simply went to bed. Only in the morning did it hit me that I'd be wasting money.. I'm still proud of the fact that I reached the venue at 8:45, given that I got my admit card printed on the way to the venue.

But the CAT is over, and the launch is not. And now I really get what Aadisht means when he says he'll come back to post when he gets time! Aadisht btw, is one amazing blogger/ Yahoo! columnist, check out his blog. And yes, I'm giving free publicity to him, only because he's awesome.

There are like 11 topics which I have on mind- they were occupying too much space on mind, so shifted them to paper- I'll post them one by one, as and when time permits. This post almost was like breaking the ice, again. Both Time and Water, when frozen, create ice :P And time, which was a commodity we engineering students had in abundance- now has become so scarce. Sigh. Such is life.


  1. Such a pleasure reading your blogpost again - It's been so long! (3 months as you mentioned) Since I know every single thing that happened in the last 3 months, no comments on that :-)
    Loved the statement - "Time and water, when frozen, create ice" :-) Good one.. And 11 topics is it? Interesting :-) Looking forward to them!

  2. Nice posting Sandhya.
    Will keep an eye at this Web space.



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