Thursday, December 3, 2009

Us in DSP class..

Tried hard to resist the impulse of posting this. I initially wanted to post this as an update in the prev. post itself, but seeing tht I've written too much to consider it an update, I thought I'll post it as a separate entry itself. Here goes:

What happens in my bench during DSP class:

K.R-dutifully takes down notes, occasionally sends a msg or two, laughs at the jokes cracked by the others,listens to the lecture with an uncommon degree of interest and very rarely( I rem only one class where this happened-she actually was worse than kini tht day!) contributes to the nonsensical chatter, adds on to my extensions(dsp theories to life) when she's in the mood for it and gives me the why-on-earth-do-u-think-extrapolating-is-cool look everytime I come up with a lame one..

Zombie-the name is self-descriptive-scribbles random equations whenever she feels like, designs some new apparel(and asks kini if she'd like to wear something like tht) in her so-called 'notes' and is in a state of absolute boredom which can't be evaded in anyway..oh wait, towards the end of the sem, she came up with this poll thing.. taking polls was sure a nice way to keep us occupied,however jobless that sounds..

Kini-sings all the songs which comes to her mind at tht hour-and puts us at high risk of being thrown out of class(yes, I'm pretty sure her voice carries thru the class n sir can actually hear it), tries copying notes in vain, makes all of us laugh wid her comments(I have a hard time trying to keep a straight face and hence prefer not to sit beside her for DSP) ,luks at me with u-like-this-sir-huh?! kind of expression when its one of those times when he rushes through slides or laughs at our ignorance, and has only once agreed with me tht Chetan Anand is adorable(tht was when he joked about something I don't remember, and he was all smiles, n kini suddenly turns to me and says, u kno, actually, he's not bad! n I think,'finally!')..

Shruthi Rao(note the usage of the full name :P)-takes down every word with the elven handwriting she's either blessed with or practiced to perfection, listens to every word he says(or at least pretends to), hums a tune always, laughs on remembering random things( don't ask me what, coz ,believe me in this case, ignorance is bliss) and is the major contributor to the nonsensical chatter during the hour(during other lectures too,actually :D), asks doubts once in a while to 'prove' that she's listening and not in her own world(in any other class, this is equivalent to digging her own grave) and if she and kini are both on a high, we end up being at the receiving end of stares from the serious students in the class, which will then result in a 15-min whats-their-prob-we'll-do-wat-we-want-sir-only-doesn't-have-a-prob talk from kini..

And me? What do I do in DSP class? I listen to the lecture( coz of the prof. ob), take notes, chat( though not much in his class), ask kini to shut up and behave and not make me laugh at least a hundred times in every single hour of DSP, wonder why Prek designs stuff in his class, talk to kr just to ensure she' alive(or discuss doubts), and play pass-the-book with Shru(read as keep giving her my notes) as she obv can't copy everthing from the slides in her elven handwriting at the pace with which the slides are changed.. Most importantly, I extrapolate anything and everything sir talks about, and kr usually is the receiving end of these extensions..

This is it :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gyaan about life in DSP class..

Not many teachers can do that-explain( and sometimes mock at) life to you using the subject they're supposed to teach.

So, Prof.Chetan Anand, one prof who can extrapolate DSP(Digital Signal Processing) concepts to life in different contexts, naturally turns out to be one prof I like and respect!

A few excerpts:
1.When explaining window functions: Life is like an infinite impulse response, but if you've to make sense out of it, you have to convert it to a finite impulse response, and for that you use the window technique. There are diff. types of windows, and depending on ur requirements, (window functions are specified by transition width, stopband attenuation of the filter etc), u choose. So the bottom line is, life has infinite options. Its your imagination, your thinking, which acts as a window to ur world. If u want a beach view, choose to have a window which gives u just tht from ur house! If u want something else, then choose the position( and shape and width etc) acc. to ur choice! If u can think big, imagine more(this is my extrapolation to his extrapolation), your life will have a greater value, you get to explore more!!( I like adventures,n exploring things is always an adventure(innit?), so I can't help but exclaim!-this is for those of u who find exclamatory marks sickening).

2.Symmetry property of an even function: Do good, you get back good things.Life is Symmetric.

3.When explaining overlap-save method where present output depends on a certain no. of previous inputs apart from the present input: Life's like that too. Your present output doesn't depend only on your present input, your past inputs count. Karmic theory I suppose.
One theory which I feel can work out as a win-win case for all of us. If this karmic theory speaks about our past inputs, we can start doing high activity that these actions itself are sufficient, and once they're done, its a thing of the past, and the theory hence favors us. Bottom line:Don't be idle.

I've given only a few examples, just so that you get an idea as to how to extrapolate your subjects(if studying) or work to life. We'll live a better life this way I think. Any extrapolations about ur subs or work or anything else I can't think of, that u can come up with, is to be conveyed thru comments! Kick-start ur imagination!

The end result: Any new concept I learn will automatically be extended to life. Any new concept which doesn't provide a funny enough or worthy extrapolation to life is not worth remembering(or it could probably be my limitation that I couldn't come up wid a good enough analogy and hence I don't realise the value of the concept)
This keeps me engaged in class, its fun to come up with extensions. You should try it too, if you even remotely match frequency with me(I remembered, there are a few ppl who say 'we match 'wavelength''-I wonder if I can match 'freq' with such ppl- though technically u will match :P)

P.S: If you're not an engg. student, u probably might not understand this post. My apologies.
Update: I think u can understand this post even if you are not an engg. student. You atleast get the basic idea, I think. Let me know thru comments.