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Us in DSP class..

Tried hard to resist the impulse of posting this. I initially wanted to post this as an update in the prev. post itself, but seeing tht I've written too much to consider it an update, I thought I'll post it as a separate entry itself. Here goes:
What happens in my bench during DSP class:
K.R-dutifully takes down notes, occasionally sends a msg or two, laughs at the jokes cracked by the others,listens to the lecture with an uncommon degree of interest and very rarely( I rem only one class where this happened-she actually was worse than kini tht day!) contributes to the nonsensical chatter, adds on to my extensions(dsp theories to life) when she's in the mood for it and gives me the why-on-earth-do-u-think-extrapolating-is-cool look everytime I come up with a lame one..
Zombie-the name is self-descriptive-scribbles random equations whenever she feels like, designs some new apparel(and asks kini if she'd like to wear something like tht) in her so-called 'notes' an…

Gyaan about life in DSP class..

Not many teachers can do that-explain( and sometimes mock at) life to you using the subject they're supposed to teach.
So, Prof.Chetan Anand, one prof who can extrapolate DSP(Digital Signal Processing) concepts to life in different contexts, naturally turns out to be one prof I like and respect!
A few excerpts: 1.When explaining window functions: Life is like an infinite impulse response, but if you've to make sense out of it, you have to convert it to a finite impulse response, and for that you use the window technique. There are diff. types of windows, and depending on ur requirements, (window functions are specified by transition width, stopband attenuation of the filter etc), u choose. So the bottom line is, life has infinite options. Its your imagination, your thinking, which acts as a window to ur world. If u want a beach view, choose to have a window which gives u just tht from ur house! If u want something else, then choose the position( and shape and width etc) acc. t…