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Travel diaries- Hyderabad to Bengaluru!

They say if there’s an innocent amongst a hundred criminals, the law of the universe is to save the hundred rather than punish one innocent. Surely there was one such innocent on the bus I took back home.
The fates of hundreds intertwined, we travel as a single unit in a bus from Hyderabad to Bangalore. The fate of the bus is the fate of all of us, and my strong belief is that the fate of all of us is indeed the fate of the bus.
Context: I’m traveling from Hyderabad to Bengaluru by Orange travels.
2:45am: I wake up to see two women standing at the driver’s seat, and a man checking some diesel pipes in the bus.
Me: What’s up? The woman standing: We have a diesel leak in the bus- they’re figuring if it is fixable.
2:50am:  Technical guy who analysed the issue- It is just a pipe problem, fixable in ten minutes, but we don’t have the necessary material to fix it. Orange Bus customer care: Please fix it using an alternate material available. By then frantic passengers: We aren’t gonna board a bus w…