Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The General State of Things

7th sem has been a mixture-in different proportions- of hectic work with everyone breathing fire down my neck at the last minute and lazy afternoons when I have all the time in the world for myself.. The lazy afternoons,when all actions of mine are lackadaisical attempts to regain some momentum in reading or writing or some such thing, is what I'd prefer to the former.. But the hectic weeks are what makes me better, I guess. Having survived one of those crazy hectic weeks last week, and done pretty decently at that, I'm looking forward to the next few weeks, which is packed with tests and tests and yes, more of those damn tests, but I think I won't be lacking in time for anything.. because tests are more tolerable than assignments and the records..

Oh, did I just mention records? Records are the reason time became a constraint- a commodity an engineering student usually has in ample abundance-they certainly deserve more than a passing mention here. Hence the elucidation.

Never before did I have to worry about completing records on time. They just happened. But this time around, Eliyahu Goldratt would have taken lesser time to complete the manuscript for The Goal-1 than the time I took to finish putting those antennas on paper. The chaotic activity in our classroom on thursdays before 2o'clock-and the mayhem we cause- is excruciatingly disturbing to the others..But, for the 18 of us who have to present ourselves at 2 in the lab, it's a different story altogether. Come thursdays, batch B3 can be found in the quadrangle-for those who don't mind letting the lecturers know that they're bunking class and writing record, the canteen/juice center-for those who cannot stay without food for 6 long hours, the lounge- for those who prefer to exercise their rights of bunking without letting the faculty know what they're up and about, and last but not the least, our domicile in college- the very own classroom-for those who have the nerve to write a record right under the nose of a stern lecturer, and the ability to get away with it. And then, there are some others, who coolly walk out of the Image Processing class once she takes attendance-and not just to complete records.. That's the catch- she allows you to walk out, and holds nothing against you-apparently- but if you're in class, you have to listen. So, for some people( read yours truly) who'd rather bunk a two-hour session of IP than walk out in front of her eyes, you need some nerve-to sit there and write something else, and some ability-to pull it off without getting thrown out or suffering high amounts of verbal abuse. This, or inexorably getting lashed-verbally of course-by the lab incharge.

One would think we could save ourselves all this trouble by doing the work at home, but surprsingly our batch has stuck to the tradition of no-record-work-at-home, and we've done quite well, coming to think of it! The past week is history, and I'm quite glad.

Yesterday was pleasant, though nothing eventful. Today being a holiday, I've had a longer weekend, and the coming week hardly has any work- tomorrow is a half day, unless I decide to take on an extra lab, and Wednesday also has two hours of classes followed by ten minutes of lab( CCN, right!). Thursday will not see us in lab as the other batch has internals, so tomorrow(or Wed) will be our last practical class. The following three days being holidays, giving me time enough to complete everything I want to. This is what I've been waiting for!

Cheers, have a good week.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Acads, and did I mention, internals..

2nd internals are on. I have RTS and OFC tomo, and the syllabus for this test is vast. Not to mention, it's a do or die situation for me, coz I've already taken the first test lightly, and life gives you only one second chance to un-screw any screwed up thing.
The discerning reader might wonder why I choose to update my blog today of all days.
When there is so much of cramming to be done, what am I doing here? Especially when I know that I'm gonna die tomo if I don't do it? Surely, nothing so consequential has occurred that it has to be updated right now? Well no, but Go figure.
We had Image processing today.. and hardly 20 students gave the internals- the rest of them are busy cramming for tomo. The paper was way below standards, Murphy's law hitting the others in the face. Tomorrow's subjects are not freaking tough or anything, it's just the general negligence by all of us which fetched us terrible marks-except the 6-7 'Good students'(all of you rem those names he called out am sure!) who have crazy high marks in the sub.

DSPA ystr was a disaster-a self-created disaster. It's not about the marks anyway..
6th sem subjects were far more interesting.. this semester treats us to unending theory which can only be crammed. Cramming skills are a dormant thing to most of us, and we haven't chosen to activate it just yet.

Lunch with bro, an article, and a blog-post later, I have no more excuses to stay away from the books. Have to get back..
Gotto finish what we shouldn't have started..
gotto walk away somehow...
But this is only studies, not a meaningless kiss!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

To Sir, with Love.

The role a teacher plays in life is one which can't be sufficiently explained in words. But what are bloggers for, if not to attempt to express the inexpressible, procure the non-procurable and measure the immeasurable? Here goes..
Anyone who hasn't had a teacher who changed their lives cannot empathize with this post. For now, let's forget that particular lot and focus on those who, like me, have become what they are, thanks to a teacher, at some point of time in their lives. The aforementioned Guru, who made such an impact on me, was DVN sir. He taught Maths, Physics and Chemistry. To the others, that is. To me, he taught far more than what anybody else has taught me-apart from parents- in life. The reason I learnt that much from him was probably because he didn't preach much. He simply practiced-and still does, I know. He commanded respect, never demanded it.
Beginning of 10th std, I was a girl who hardly cared to attend classes-bunked at every opportunity I got under some pretext or the other and a compulsory rebel. At the end of the year, I was quite something else. In school, rules were pretty strict. A mistake was a mistake, no matter what the reason. But with DVN, a mistake was ok. You had a second chance. He had asked us to get up at 5.00a.m everyday in 10th, and we had a student who lived opposite sir's house then, so Sir would come to class and say," Ivattu light on agirlilla, yaake?" The guy in question would come up with hilarious excuses, and laughter would eventually follow.But even after the laughs, the fact that Sir gets up at 5.00 a.m in the morning just like the rule given for us struck me, and stayed. His methods of teaching were different, and along with academics, he would speak about life in general, tell stories, keep us entertained, discipline us when required, everything so easily. Discipline is something he stressed on then, and after having a taste of how discipline changes you, I can't agree more. (Though I currently don't reach even 60% of the req discipline levels, that is not the matter of concern of this post). He made us keep a record of how we spent time, so we get a fair idea of how we were using our time. The best thing about him is the fact that he never, like never scolded anyone, he merely corrected our mistakes, and gave us time to change. Even during times when I'd screwed up, and screwed up big time, I remember pretty clearly that his reaction would be mild, and that would give me sufficient time to correct it, quite contrary to the reactions my teachers generally gave me. That was the reason. That was the difference. So here's a post dedicated, To Sir, with Love.

From Shanghai to the World.

World expo, Shanghai:
On November 18, 1999, the Chinese government officially decided that Shanghai would bid for the 2010 World Expo. With support from home and abroad, Shanghai won the bid on December 3, 2002, at the 132nd General Assembly of the International Exhibitions Bureau.
The world exposition is for the first time being hosted by a developing country,creating a record for itself. Beijing Olympics overall cost: 4.2 million. World expo, Shanghai: 42million. Expected visitors: 70 million. Cab drivers trained to speak English, about a 1000 new cabs. The entire city tidied up-an understatement-for the big event, also taken into consideration is the convenience-and inconvenience-of the residents of the city. The plethora of events being conducted inspires even as it slaps you across the face that Mumbai was supposed to be the next Shanghai- and at the current rate Shanghai is pacing ahead, we have to work really hard to get anywhere close.
The staggering improvement made by China has overwhelmed everyone round the globe, Indians especially- I’m very specifically included. The target which they have taken and the way they’ve gone about achieving it is par excellence. China has caught the eye of the world- read as the developed countries. It has made a clear and strong statement by hosting the world expo, that too with such poise and √©lan.
Simply put,China has walked the talk,and in a big way!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The other side of the river.

7:12 a.m. I stand on a pavement opposite to my college, waiting for a comrade to turn up. Breezy morning. A woman weaves a basket behind where I stand. A man is cutting wood, right next to the woman. 3 guys enjoy a smoke and conversation. A boy cycles his way to school. A vintage car passes by. An old man carries a heavy bag and walks towards his destination. The birds suddenly demand attention. A family are on a trip-the car is ringing with music, the grandfather driving the car! The same vintage car passes by again-I'm not too sure. I turn around, the woman is now arranging the baskets, the man has done such a good job with the wood, I think he makes them thin enough to weave baskets, but I don't know if that can be done.I'm hoping I will get to see him make the wood into thin strips so I'll know for sure. And they're now listening to the local news on a transistor (I presume). A lady and her colleague walk past me. The lady talks about her son's studies. The same vintage car passes by again. The guy's practicing driving, I realize. A girl enters college-very early. I turn around once again and am surprised. The man has now stopped cutting-or I don't know what u call it-the wood, he is now sharpening the sickle-or the instrument he used to cut the wood. Reminds me of how necessary it is to sharpen one's axe before cutting a tree. There's some old song playing on the transistor now.This is their life, a life on the other side of the river. And then, I see Koushik approaching from the distance. Time to go, back to my side-the other side. :)
I wanted to blog this at 7:12 a.m itself, but poor me, no laptop, nothing, the post remained in my head, finding an outlet only now. For the 1st time, I wish I had a lappy.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Final year-the first over.

What has changed, and what remains unchanged..

First for the changes:
  • We have only senior lecturers-surprisingly, all the junior lecturers who handled a few of the 7th sem subjects previously have been replaced, and we are glad.
  • We have SEVEN hours theory in a day. 9-5, on two days of the week. Now, this is something I've never, like never done in my life before-attending 7 hrs theory. If you think 'final year' is supposed to be light, think again.
  • Lab groups- CCN lab commences next week. ADC lab started this week. We had a good laugh after the lab, thanks to preksha's bag and overflow of creativity from Poornima, Mallika, Shruthi Rao and yours truly. My lab group has 1 new member-the remaining 3 of us continue.. and Sannan, for the first time is not gonna be in my group in either of the labs this sem-lets see how it turns out to be.
  • The then freshers and the present 3rd sem guys occupy the adjacent classroom-and I'm trying to get used to having them around-it's like a foreign entity in your world(your subconscious)-if I may put it that way.
And now for the things which have stood the test of time:
  • We, the students-some whom I barely acknowledge, some who are acquainted, and then some others, whom I call friends-haven't changed- in a staggering way atleast.
  • The classroom- We have classes in room no. 525, which we have religiously been using since 3rd sem. The term used for it-The practice of ritual. Attending classes in the same class might actually be good for you. Go figure. (Ok, I'll help you figure-Ronaldo ties his shoe lace in exactly the same way before he goes out to the field every single time. Swami Vivekananda got up at the same time everyday. Buddha meditated at the same place everyday before attaining enlightenment.You get the point)
  • Our profs. Mr.N.C.A is back, and in full form!
The first week is over. The semester has truly begun.
Here's wishing all of you a great final year!

Friday, August 6, 2010

To the title.

Just another ordinary friday evening. A clear sky. A slight breeze, enough to keep you cool, not enough to give you chills.. A cleaned room. New books in the closet-some specially acquired ones. New course books too. A new wallet placed on the table. A photograph(also on the table) which brings a smile always. The frame which brings memories. Maggi noodles. A phone. A computer with unlimited broadband, and touch wood, continuous connection for quite sometime now. A brother in the adjacent room who comes to me when he needs help, and looks up to me. Who also quarrels. Who knows me like how I know myself. Quite the contrary of another ordinary friday evening, if you ask me.. such evenings are rare, moments when I get to enjoy the silence, be my own company, experience tranquility. Peace!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rule for the day.

There is no upside in screwing up things you can't explain.
-Captain Roy Montgomery.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Phrasing a new coin..

The Indian Rupee gets a symbol-woot!-thus distinguishing it from other countries which have the rupee as their currency. But, they say, the symbol will not be seen in print on our currency notes-not just yet. That will take a while, and I can't wait for it. Getting the symbol means international brand recognition, the INR joining the elite club of currencies like the Japanese Yen, Euro, the British pound or the US dollar. And, how can I forget, it was apparently designed by an IITian. Congratulations, Pranab Mukherjee and the ministry.
One way to go about the international popularization of the symbol is printing and circulating, and another is branding the symbol on keyboards. So once the symbol is passed by the required authorities, we're gonna have the symbol on Indian keyboards-cool eh?
For some unfathomable reason, I'm all excited about the INR getting a symbol! It somehow comes off as very 'Indian', because of the adaptation from the Devanagiri script. A pretty picture, a symbol with a history creating history.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Just an adage, or more?

Familiarity breeds contempt. This is probably the zillionth time you've come across this adage. With a few exceptions, I must agree that it is true in my case. I don't really wanna explain why it is so, but I'm curious to know from you guys. Is it the same with all of you? Or do you find familiarity a welcome thing(be it people or places)? But familiarity with places can't breed contempt, can it? A penny for (all of)your thoughts, please.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another good day..

We were supposed to have a class trip on sat, coz we had sports day in coll, which meant no classes, and since we know that we can't bunk and go on a class trip, this seemed to be an ideal opportunity. As you must have already realized by my choice of wording, the trip didn't happen. I blame it on our inaneness.
A week before this or so, I'd already registered for the 8051 programming event in the MSRIT fest which was also scheduled on sat, coz I knew Koushik owed me this one.( I agreed to partner him for the 8051 event in Manthan in spite of me being informed on short notice-actually the night before the event)
Friday, 10.15p.m: A msg from the class rep-Very sorry to inform you that the trip has been postponed to next saturday..
We then decided to go to MSR, and see if fate would be a kind mistress.
Sat: We reach MSR, and the campus is huge. Well, if you happen to study in BIT, any other college campus will look huge I suppose. For about the entire stretch, Koushik was all praise for their campus-be it the ample parking space provided, or the greenery, or something else or the other... and wait, we'd reached the other end of the college, and we hadn't found the tech building yet!
All I remember seeing was a lot of oncology depts. and hospitals, and a few medical students-for some reason, I didn't find them as interesting as the students in kims! Oh yes, during the first yr and sophomore in coll, when our canteen was a place I just would not visit, kims juice centre was the only alternate option, and seeing those med students there always flickered an interest in us-about how their lives were gonna be, or how nice they looked with their coats, or some such silly things..(reminds me of kini coming back from the blood donation thinking DM was a med student!). *End of digression*
So, back to the point-we later on found out that the tech building was right at the opposite end-the point where we'd started from. Drat. 15 mins later, we were inside, watching the line follower-the arena they had looked more complicated than the one in my coll for line follower.. 8051 first round was not-so-great, and I think we just scraped thru to the final round.. The final round was fun, we actually spent the entire 1.5hrs designing and all that.. sadly the e-treasure hunt- this is one game which has successfully evaded me in the past yr in ALL the fests I attend-was over.. sigh.. when am I gonna play that?
We just finished the final round, and at the same time the rain gods decided it was a fine time to nourish the lush greens of MSR.. Shruti and Koushik were worried sick,and I somehow,was not. Enjoyed watching the rain, and that was when I found the campus to be beautiful. *beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder*
15 mins later we heard we'd won the first place, so being held up in the rain didn't seem so bad then..but that didn't alter the fact that the 3 of us were famished and all canteens in the campus were closed. Thanks to the rain, chaat was an open we went to Sai ram chaats-after a small fiasco-you should try this place in malleshwaram, the chaats are different and yum! and left the place quite satisfied,and the evening that followed was one of the best in the past few months, coz Shruti was there, and she's this girl who gets what I say 'always'. Always enjoy her company, thanks to the zillion new things we come up with when we're discussing something! for eg: that parkinson's law( for the others-we have so many laws of our own, and we recently discovered tht one of our laws was actually better known to the world as Parkinson's law-we weren't very amused btw) Its more like I start a sentence, and look at her, and I know she's got it. I don't have to complete my sentence. And vice-versa. (And considering I'm a little complicated, I''m more than happy to stop my sentences midway than complete it, and then explain what I meant, which is what I usually do with most others.) We discussed, ranted, cribbed( there is a difference between ranting and cribbing btw), planned, and finally parted ways at majestic with a sense of real happiness and contentment.
Which takes me to another topic- Familiarity breeds contempt. Does it? I'll let you know what I think in my very next post. For now, its a big 'had fun with u on sat' wave to koushik and shru; and adieu to you amigos!

Friday, April 23, 2010


If you preach something, you should practice it. Else, don't preach.
This is in reference to that fact mentioned in class today. "Probability of an event occurring when there are two events in the sample space is 0.5 in a random process". The minute the words came out, I was furious. You bloody don't preach what you don't practice. The person in question went on to say that it is a random process, so the event has to occur infinite times before we compare the probabilities. So, he believes in it. He believes in the fairness of life, and the statement. And yet, my classmates don't feel that there's fairness in the way classes are conducted.
I know its none of my business to dictate how people should live, but there are certain basic things you can't violate-the most basic one being your words and actions shouldn't be a contradiction. And yes, I'm gonna put extreme efforts to use my energy in constructive ways than sit and judge him in his class.
P.S: Identity of the person in question is kept anonymous, only coz I don't want people to start disrespecting anyone coz of me. Those are my concerns alone.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Morning folks! Haven't been in the habit of posting before leaving to college, but hell, there is a first time for everything in life. That includes the feeling to post something before leaving..Ok, my life isn't exactly happening at the moment. hell, I feel it has been reduced to the mundane routine of attending classes, read in free time-anything other than acads, and sleep for eons.. But, there is something I feel happy about. I'm reading like as if its summer hols and there's nothing else that requires my attention-which is far,far away from the truth-but the joy that I get by just reading is inexplicable..for one, it spares you the nonsensical chatter you tend to have with friends, allows you to contemplate-which I believe I'd prefer than to spend time with company these days.. Infact, I think a few months of solitude will do more good than harm to me.. I was first inspired by the idea of being solitary when I saw the book "one hundred yrs of solitude".. I wondered how boring that should be, a hundred yrs of solitude.. which reminds me, I still haven't gotten down to reading the book in spite of repeat recommendations frm friends.. Actually, haven't been able to acquire it.. Lets see what I'll do about that..
Mood of the day:contemplative,solitary.
Reason to post: no reason as such. oh yes, I obv wanted to tell u guys how good it is to be solitary. I'm sure u didn't miss that point. Also there's this bottleneck theory which is a nice thoery, but that probably deserves a separate post.
Anyways, I have to rush. And I hope I won't feel devastated when I read this post later sometime, coz I know I'm not fully awake right now.. That precisely is the reason you're getting to see this post, else it would've been piled up as an another draft,which would've never seen the light of the world, like many others..

Friday, March 26, 2010


Mountains look beautiful only when looked from a distance. But it would be foolish to say that you'd rather not admire the mountain's view, just coz you know that only when you get closer do you actually see the reality. In my opinion, as long as you know that you should keep that much distance in order to see the beauty of it, you're doing perfectly fine!

P.S: I very humbly request the readers NOT to extrapolate this post to your whims and fancies. Please refrain. Thank you.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The one-odd month of 6th sem..

6th sem started somewhere in feb, and we're done with an internal..courtesy our time-table, not to mention the awesomeness of the person who came up with it, I feel like I've spent all my time in college since coll reopened. Life has been frustrating and fun alternately. The good part is it hasn't been boring.
Books read of late:
1.Kiterunner(Khaled Hosseini)-can't find another piece of fiction so brilliantly written. Godfather comes second to this, though the two books aren't related in any way. I know you don't compare things which have nothing in common, but anyways..(actually, acc to me, you can find similarities even in things extremely dissimilar, if you have a keen eye. Go figure)
2.Straight from the gut(Jack Welch)- I can't rate this, as I skipped thru half the pages in the book. The parts I read, I liked. Rather, I should say, the parts I liked, I read.
3.Like the flowing river(Paulo Coelho)-a collection of stories that you have in all probability read before. There are better ways to torture yourself, and if I may exaggerate, commit suicide.
4.Two states(Chetan Bhagat)- I take the complete blame of reading this book. Though I very well knew how Chetan Bhagat writes-his worst book being 3 mistakes-I read it. It was not torture, nor did it add value to my life..
5.The Goal(Eliyahu.M.Goldratt)-a book which made me think.. now, not many books can get you thinking..with the bottleneck theory etc..

P.S:Do feel free to suggest books you've liked, though I'd like to add, I'd prefer it if you don't suggest fiction(unless it is of Kiterunner's standards or the like). Hoping to see some good recommendations!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The year that was..

A short post in remembrance of '09: 2009 was a good year. Cannot compare '09 with the previous one(that's almost always) as every year that goes by gives you something new, and when things are new, a first, there's nothing before it to compare with( I always believe in comparing my present to my past,so when it is a first of the kind, it becomes the standard for future comparison) . I like that. Diversifying my areas of interest, meeting new people, new ideas, yes, that sounds very kickass to me, and a little bit of all that was a part of '09.
My reading habits now: Non-fiction holds a lot more appeal than fiction, fantasy is almost thrown out of the window. I'm yet to digest the fact that a non-fiction book can keep me interested just as much-or more than-as fiction. Its probably coz fiction is too predictable and you hardly get any fundae from them, contrary to books like The Tipping Point(to my surprise, I liked it!), or Freakonomics.
Music: Metal, I've started liking, death metal is on its way.
People: more of a people's person than what I used to be( or so I like to believe)..
Academics: Lesser said, the better. Or best, say nothing.
College: 1 and a half years to go. And yes, after 2 years of engg, I've come to like my class :) maybe it was the fest, or the class trip, or simply the familiarity.. Can't place it.(Familiarity breeds contempt, right?! ok, don't bother!)
Plans, and what I did with them: A sine wave would be the best description-of what I did with the plans. Or maybe sawtooth. Yea, sawtooth it is-or was.. The plans themselves were ok(whenever I did plan ,that is).
And as promised, I end it here. I've gone to great lengths to keep the length of this blog in check :P Also, I haven't taken the interest to go back to examine the past yr with a lens, so a few things which I remembered is written and many other things are not. (that should explain why this post appears so random).