The year that was..

A short post in remembrance of '09: 2009 was a good year. Cannot compare '09 with the previous one(that's almost always) as every year that goes by gives you something new, and when things are new, a first, there's nothing before it to compare with( I always believe in comparing my present to my past,so when it is a first of the kind, it becomes the standard for future comparison) . I like that. Diversifying my areas of interest, meeting new people, new ideas, yes, that sounds very kickass to me, and a little bit of all that was a part of '09.
My reading habits now: Non-fiction holds a lot more appeal than fiction, fantasy is almost thrown out of the window. I'm yet to digest the fact that a non-fiction book can keep me interested just as much-or more than-as fiction. Its probably coz fiction is too predictable and you hardly get any fundae from them, contrary to books like The Tipping Point(to my surprise, I liked it!), or Freakonomics.
Music: Metal, I've started liking, death metal is on its way.
People: more of a people's person than what I used to be( or so I like to believe)..
Academics: Lesser said, the better. Or best, say nothing.
College: 1 and a half years to go. And yes, after 2 years of engg, I've come to like my class :) maybe it was the fest, or the class trip, or simply the familiarity.. Can't place it.(Familiarity breeds contempt, right?! ok, don't bother!)
Plans, and what I did with them: A sine wave would be the best description-of what I did with the plans. Or maybe sawtooth. Yea, sawtooth it is-or was.. The plans themselves were ok(whenever I did plan ,that is).
And as promised, I end it here. I've gone to great lengths to keep the length of this blog in check :P Also, I haven't taken the interest to go back to examine the past yr with a lens, so a few things which I remembered is written and many other things are not. (that should explain why this post appears so random).


  1. The most random it is.... Seriously! But really funny, I've laughed.. :) :)

  2. Funny, it wasn't intended to be funny!


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