Shedding Skin

I was reading "Inheritance", Eragon's sequel 4 last week, and somewhere in between the story, the protagonist reaches a point where he needs to know his true name to open a vault (I did not say spoiler alert, because I think all of you would've read it way earlier than me, not to mention this is not a spoiler which people would want to kill me for.)

--Which reminds me of a very famous spoiler I was at the receiving end of--
In 2005, when Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince had just released, my friends and I stood in the queue from 6a.m to get hold of a copy, so that we'd read it before anyone else did, and so that nobody could spoil it for us. Sadly we had college to attend later, and no, Krupa and I didn't read novels in class-atleast in 11th std :D ( I think Krupa was preparing for NTSE that time, not entirely sure. :P) So I go to BASE in the evening, and Soumya enters. The very first thing she says: "Dumbledore dies!". I go like, "Whaaaaaaaaaaa!!" That was the worst spoiler ever. Worshtest.

I see that my digression has gone on longer the point I was trying to make. So coming back..
His true name. The protagonist needs his true name, and you will know your true name if you know who you truly are (So difficult, no?); so Eragon goes into thinking mode and thinks about who he truly is. And like most protagonists, he does what is required from him- he figures out his true name in a matter of a few days, and opens the vault.

Eragon's brother Murtagh's true name will be known to our beloved villian of the story Galbatorix, and anyone who knows your true name has complete control over you.

In the end, though Galbatorix knows Murtagh's true name, that will be the boy's old true name. Murtagh would've changed in course of time, and along with him changing, his true name; and that plays a major factor in the brothers' defeating Galbatorix. I've given away the whole novel, oops.

Case in point: The true names change as people change. Change is such a damned constant in life, whether you and I like it or not. We can scorn all we like, or embrace it like a dear friend.

I don't know if I scorn at change or embrace it, but that's not my point.
My point is my blog's title.
I'd titled this blog "Tranquility" years ago, with a picture in my mind.

Sitting on the sands of a beach, watching the waves crash and listening to the sound of the waves.. Being lost to the world, and only watching the vastness of the water expanding upto the horizon..
With some music and good food, and a good book to read..
And friends to laugh with, and live in oblivion to all else..
Coz the sea is second to Tranquility..
So quiet, so peaceful, so calm..

This was what my blog represented to me, a quiet retreat from the rest of the world where only traquility prevailed and the sea was my constant companion.. I longed for tranquility, for peace, for the calm of the sea; and hence the name..

And today I find the blog's purpose met, I find the sea's tranquility as my own,  and I find I have newer purposes- and hence I talk about shedding skin. Snakes shed their skin from time to time and grow new skins. I shed my blog's old skin and arise with whole new skin. Here's to the old name, I enjoyed writing to Tranquility. And here's to the new one, and to all the posts I'll put up under this name! As always, I welcome your comments.



  1. I like the amount of detailing you've given in the blog, the whole explanation for changing the blog's title.

    I enjoyed reading from Tranquility as much as you enjoyed writing to it. Now waiting to read more from the new 'blog', or the new 'You' :)

  2. I am not into Novels and cant relate to more than half of the blog but I liked the concept of shedding skins(read identities) and growing new ones.
    Keep up the good work :)

  3. @Shruti : Thanks, sure thing, wait for it :)
    @Ashish: Thanks a ton for the comment :) I'll try to :)

  4. wow.. sandhya :).... this is great!!
    One thing i have experienced in the past 6 months is that change is constant and if people say "you've changed so much, your not the same at all" i have started saying thanks... if not life would be way too monotonous and not to forget wouldn't really be life!

  5. @Abhiram: Thanks :)
    @Sindhura: Agree :) Thanks!

  6. I stood in the line from 4 A.M to purchase Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when it was released. I did not attend the college that day and had finished 90% of the book by the time I went to BASE in the evening. Nobody had managed to finish the book and it was an amazing read!!

  7. Ha Ha. Lucky you, nobody around to spoil it for you! (Which means people in your year were either so studious that they didn't want to read Deathly Hallows over the texts, or they just didn't read Potter- which can't happen.)


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