The other side of the river.

7:12 a.m. I stand on a pavement opposite to my college, waiting for a comrade to turn up. Breezy morning. A woman weaves a basket behind where I stand. A man is cutting wood, right next to the woman. 3 guys enjoy a smoke and conversation. A boy cycles his way to school. A vintage car passes by. An old man carries a heavy bag and walks towards his destination. The birds suddenly demand attention. A family are on a trip-the car is ringing with music, the grandfather driving the car! The same vintage car passes by again-I'm not too sure. I turn around, the woman is now arranging the baskets, the man has done such a good job with the wood, I think he makes them thin enough to weave baskets, but I don't know if that can be done.I'm hoping I will get to see him make the wood into thin strips so I'll know for sure. And they're now listening to the local news on a transistor (I presume). A lady and her colleague walk past me. The lady talks about her son's studies. The same vintage car passes by again. The guy's practicing driving, I realize. A girl enters college-very early. I turn around once again and am surprised. The man has now stopped cutting-or I don't know what u call it-the wood, he is now sharpening the sickle-or the instrument he used to cut the wood. Reminds me of how necessary it is to sharpen one's axe before cutting a tree. There's some old song playing on the transistor now.This is their life, a life on the other side of the river. And then, I see Koushik approaching from the distance. Time to go, back to my side-the other side. :)
I wanted to blog this at 7:12 a.m itself, but poor me, no laptop, nothing, the post remained in my head, finding an outlet only now. For the 1st time, I wish I had a lappy.


  1. 7.12am!! Now I try to recall how many days it's been since I was up and awake by 7.12am... While reading this, I could visualize the scene exactly in my mind! So I better start getting up early to actually experience such a monsoon morning... (If I'm not wrong about the season)

  2. lol.. getting up early in the mornings is one of the best things u can do. Try it sometime!

  3. Well, whoever said "A picture is worth a thousand words" should read this... It's the other way round actually... I could visualize every single scene soooo clearly.... :) :) Nice one... :)

  4. Well I didn't have the picture, hence the thousand words :)
    Thank you!


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