Morning folks! Haven't been in the habit of posting before leaving to college, but hell, there is a first time for everything in life. That includes the feeling to post something before leaving..Ok, my life isn't exactly happening at the moment. hell, I feel it has been reduced to the mundane routine of attending classes, read in free time-anything other than acads, and sleep for eons.. But, there is something I feel happy about. I'm reading like as if its summer hols and there's nothing else that requires my attention-which is far,far away from the truth-but the joy that I get by just reading is inexplicable..for one, it spares you the nonsensical chatter you tend to have with friends, allows you to contemplate-which I believe I'd prefer than to spend time with company these days.. Infact, I think a few months of solitude will do more good than harm to me.. I was first inspired by the idea of being solitary when I saw the book "one hundred yrs of solitude".. I wondered how boring that should be, a hundred yrs of solitude.. which reminds me, I still haven't gotten down to reading the book in spite of repeat recommendations frm friends.. Actually, haven't been able to acquire it.. Lets see what I'll do about that..
Mood of the day:contemplative,solitary.
Reason to post: no reason as such. oh yes, I obv wanted to tell u guys how good it is to be solitary. I'm sure u didn't miss that point. Also there's this bottleneck theory which is a nice thoery, but that probably deserves a separate post.
Anyways, I have to rush. And I hope I won't feel devastated when I read this post later sometime, coz I know I'm not fully awake right now.. That precisely is the reason you're getting to see this post, else it would've been piled up as an another draft,which would've never seen the light of the world, like many others..


  1. Yea, it figures from the way you've written that you were not fully awake..... :-) but that apart, you read too much! It's good anyway, hope I someday read even half as much as you do, and it's gonna make a hell lot of difference to me... Just few days ago I also felt "Solitude" is required and took some time off for myself... It is very much necessary... Keep posting dear.. Love reading yours blogs :-)

  2. TAT pretty much explains most of our lives,atleast mine ove the few dys. And hell yes i have miseries to share!!


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