C'est la vie.

So there was drought. On my blog, of course. 8th semester was a beginning of the ending, and we welcomed it with open arms. I did, at least. And here I am, not feeling all that emotional about leaving college. So whats the big deal, you ask? Well then, you obviously don't know me.

I'm the girl who loved high school so much that when it came to an end, I was miserable. The same girl who absolutely hated that I wouldn't have DVN sir teaching me any longer, though I only attended his tuitions in 10th. The very same girl who, after 2 years at BASE, found it very difficult to face the cold reality that all those dear friends with whom I'd had an awesome time wouldn't study in the same college as me. And I didn't stop to think for a minute that I'd be any different at the end of 4 years.

Obviously, there has to be irony. There is no story if there is no irony. Ironic, that!

So as the discerning reader has already guessed, I'm not feeling wrecked that engineering has ended. Taking up engineering is like applying a complex Bessel function on a real term called Yourself. The result, quite evidently is a complex quantity. ( All math geniuses reading this, pardon the pun).

Now to talk about what I expected from engineering, and what actually happened.

I loved math and chem in pu. Math continues to appeal to me to this day. Chemistry, however, is a different story. Engg chemistry sucked bigtime. Even to a Chem enthusiast like me. I don't know why they spoil the subject by including only garbage in the syllabus, but it seems like they're intent on making everyone hate chem. They succeed, of course. Next, let's talk about our course. Telecom engg, right. We've learnt so many things which we won't ever use in life, and the course doesn't test our analytical abilities to the extent it needs to be tested. I don't like our approach to the subjects-both classroom, and the texts-talking about some of the prescribed texts makes me want to choke, exceptions being Forouzan and William Stallings-and that makes me want to study more, at some place where true knowledge can be found, where tests aren't designed to check your mugging abilities, where you would need a teeny weeny portion of your brain to get through.

Talk about failing expectations.

But then, I didn't expect that this course would make me realize that there won't be a guide all the time behind your back, to guide you to the best of anything-be it course books, or a picnic spot, or a decision which will shape your life-and that sometimes, you have to look for yourself, you have to decide for yourself whom and what to follow, you have to decide which of the two roads to take-at the diverging point at the woods-you know, I didn't expect to learn that life has so much more to it than academics, I didn't expect to discover that I had the amazing ability to see people in their truest sense, to know what things are no matter how it looks on the outside, to understand situations like I'd never understood them in pu, and most important of all, to learn the art of trusting the right people.

Learnt something during 4 years, haven't I?!

All said and done, two factors from what I mentioned above stick out, coz they've influenced every single decision I've made in these four years, they've made me adhere to-and discard some-hard held principles which is gonna stick with me for a very long time from now.

One: Seniors. Some, whom I've gotten to know well enough to be friends with, some, who I'm acquainted with, and some who don't even know I exist-these are seniors whose blogs I follow.
Those days when I came home with frustration and despair, those blogs showed me that those awesome seniors too had had their share of blue days in engineering, and that it's a part of the ride. Those days when bored, reading a post which said 'Damn life is boring at the moment' was enough to make me feel I wasn't alone. Those very blogs, where they've described their lives-some dull days where they only had things to rant about-and some sunny days where life was major fun-inspired me to start a blog, which is the only reason I started blogging. When I found hope, or inspiration in a post, I hoped that one day, somebody would find inspiration reading my blog.

If mortals stop believing in the Gods, they would cease to exist. So, here's to all those seniors who are immortalized in my view, whose intelligence I deeply respect, whose principles I make mine without the slightest of hesitation, whose actions I emulate, whom I try to mold myself into, hour after hour, day after day, week after week. So I choose to pay my respects to all those seniors, who have been the reason for everything that I am today.

Two: Friends. I've met some really great people, and had a ball of a time with them. To all those trustworthy, fun-loving souls, cheers!

When I started this post, I had no idea that when I blatantly list all the negatives, I would be plagued by a mind which would constantly throw the positives into view. So what was supposed to be a rant on how engg didn't make me use my brain, ended up to be a rather pleasant post, what with the paying of respect to seniors which was long overdue, and other things which were mentioned.

Ironic, eh? Told ya, where there's irony, there's a story!


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