Yes. That's precisely what happened. I went into hibernation mode. Decided to start blogging,signed up here, and you know know the rest. Or rather, you don't, as I've not been blogging at all.. A rather unexpected twist re-flamed my interest to blog, and I was all set to talk bout the latest fundae I'd come across, but then I realised, after months of hibernation,nobody starts talking bout fundaes and college and all that.. They first need to say hi, to make ppl realise they're very much alive and kickin'.. Which is precisely what this post is bout.. I'm very much alive, and kicking. My theories and theories of others I found interesting will ensue.. Any fundaes 'bout the benefits of hibernating in the form of comments are welcome.


  1. Oh yes... There is definitely a benefit.. If you'd been bloggin all this while without that "kick" you might not have given your best.. Good that you've come back here with some real stuff in your brain!! I'm waiting for your future posts!

  2. Precisely put. No use doing anything without enthu, yep. Put E before A. Enthu before action.


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