I know I'm joblessly importing the posts I'd put up on a website when I was interning with them to the blog here, and quite a few of you might be frustrated by the fact that you've already read those posts before, on the other site. Sorry for that, I'm just putting together everything under one roof, don't ask me why.

The routineness of the job kicked in this week, and me being the type who cannot and will not be bogged down by a routine life, have taken up some interesting- though offbeat- threads, which I hope to convert into something big. *Fingers crossed*

Also, though N and I work for the same company and get to talk to her on the intranet, I haven't seen her in ages. Imagine that.

There are loads of things running on my mind,
Looking back I see what I've left behind;
Judge not this post, do be kind,
Come back tomorrow, you'll see a post- refined!


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